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The man in my house

I was in the kitchen with my mother, and I looked out the window above the sink. There was a car parked in the middle of the intersection when I looked closer I saw a man standing next to the car. He had a gun in his hand and was pointing it at the window. I yelled for my mother to get down I remember thinking what if she doesn't get down in time? But thankfully she was fine I told her I saw the man and she said we should find my sister and tell her to stay down. So we crawled down the hall to my sisters room and locked the door behind us and braced it with a big dresser. My mom got on the phone and dialed 911, my sister kept standing up and I was trying to tell her to get down when I saw the door. The dresser was gone and the door was slightly open. When I tried to close it the man pushed back, he was way stronger than me and I stumbled back. When he opened the door I saw him...He was tall, and had light brown hair I felt like I had seen him before but I couldn't place him. He held the gun out in front of him and stared into my eyes. I froze I thought I was going to die. He said something I can't remember but I know it was personal something no one else would know but me. I stepped back in shock and said "What did you just say??". He then turned the gun on himself and fired. I fell to the floor, shaking violently and crying like I loved him. My sister sat next to me as I stared at his corpse.
And that's it! Hopefully you can shed some light on my dream.

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Re: The man in my house

Is there a male in your life or that was in your life that could/would have caused emotional harm to you and your sister but less so to your mother? It may involve experiences your mother was not aware of or something she was not necessarily convinced of {at least in the beginning}. There may been a conscious denial of this danger, by you or others, and/or something that has been kept hidden/repressed but now you and/or others are beginning to see/realize the danger/harm. It would be from earlier in your life, this person being a prime force in your emotional life or the experience being a traumatic event which left a negative impression. The blocked door may suggest you have repressed certain memories or experiences.

But with the door now slightly open and barriers being removed you are now beginning to confront the past {or the unconscious experiences now becoming conscious, memories begin to return}. The emotional forces are very strong and although you do not wish to open up to them it is something you must do. It may have involved sexual experiences, perhaps not an actual attack but something you witnessed that caused emotional harm and caused you to distrust this male person {a possibility-the gun could represent a penis and turning it on himself would represent masturbation}. This person may be someone who is close to you but unconsciously, because of the experiences, he is no longer someone you can trust. He has become a 'corpse' of a person to you.
Does any of the above fit within your life?


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