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In my dream I decide to runaway from home with my cousins. I end up staying at a rinky dinky hotel. We were all super excited because the hotel only cost 15$. I then realized that I needed my stuff from my house, so I had to sneak in through the window. My grandma came home early so I had to jump out of the house (it's only one story). I saw my grandma come in the house and begin crying that I was still gone, so I whispered to my little cousin not to tell anyone that I was there but that I was okay. My grandma was not mad that I had left se was only worried about me. In real life i have no restraints holding me here, nor did i in my dream. But I refused to come home until I found out who killed a kid at school. But I woke up before I could find them. Durning the dream an exboyfriend kept bothering me and try to snuggle with me, but I just wanted to be with my best guy friend.

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Re: Runaway

There is a good chance, considering your age, there has been a recent experience in your life that the dream is addressing. Particularly an event where at school or a related school event {the kid killed at school would probably be a part of yourself}. Or experiences related to school that has caused 'parts' of you to feel it has died.

The last sentence of your post may explain a lot. Wanting to be with your 'best guy friend' instead of snuggling with your bf may be addressing demands put on you by him you want to resist. You may be running away from those demands. A 'third rate romance, low rent rendezvous at a cheap hotel' is not something you will be pressured into.

Also look at the possibilities that the 'low rent' scenario is about you, feelings you have toward yourself that need to change. These would be caused by earlier life experiences, not feeling accepted by parents or fitting in with school mates.

If you will think yourself as being the house {the house is you} then perhaps you will better understand how dreams work {symbol and metaphor}. Your grandma may be saying something about wise choices {not giving in to the pressures from your bf} you need to make, and the consequences of how that wise self would feel if they are wrong {crying over a wrong choice}. The cousin would be a 'related' aspect that has to do with the circumstances with the emotional conflict the dreams is trying to address {the emotional conflict with your bf?}. The 'sneaking' may involve actual waking experiences to do with this whole situation.

I began my interpretation with the observation of actual waking experiences being a part of the dream scenario. That is probably true, as it is with most dreams involving someone your age {younger people's dreams primarily deal with recent waking life experiences and older people's dreams focus on past experiences-young people are looking forward in life while older people tend to look back}. Look back over the past several days and determine what might fit with the bf/best guy thing.

My presentation about wisdom aspects and emotional conflicts would be addressing your deeper psyche. The fact you do not have any true restraints holding you may be saying something about your upbringing, your childhood. It may seem to be a positive, not having those restraints to hold you, may say something about a lack of good parenting. Are you close to your grandmother, her being a surrogate parent who does more for you? This could play into the dream, the deeper emotional aspects of who you are and why you are that way {this is what an older person's dream would be focused}. The kid killed at school would be a part of you that has 'died' {death in a dream is seldom about real death of a person unless that person is named}. Death may be a metaphor for something that has changed you {death is a change from being alive to another aspect of life}.

Overall I see a good chance the dream is addressing the conflicts with your bf. But more over it is addressing the deeper reasons for why you are where you are in life and how you act and react to those circumstances which brought you to this time and space. If true, this will be a continuing issue in your life until it is resolved. If childhood issues go unresolved they can have an unconscious control over your life.
But first things first. Follow the wisdom of your grandma and resist those pressure your bf puts on you that you want/need to resist. That is good wisdom.


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