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I had a dream the other day that was peaceful and yet kind of disturbing? I was in my car driving home from roller derby..I started approaching a hill which is close to my house as I was driving a car passed me and started going up the hill and I thought to myself man that car is going fast and it just kept going up and up and up the hill into a bright white light. I thought to myself well I'm next and I did the same, once I entered the bright white light it took to a day in my life that already happen I was about 16 years old and all my family were in there spots in the living room, I walked up to my mom who was smoking and i became hysterical about it because I knew that I was back in time and I new what her future would be if she continued to smoke, she stared and me like I was ridiculous when I told her how much she will hate her life and herself if she did not stop....she put it out and said oh hell..I proceeded to walk through the house and everything was just like it was and when I looked into the mirror I saw a double exposed self..me now and me then...me then said Cammy you can stay if you want and you can use the notebook downstairs to write down what it is to avoid and do differently while you still remeber because if you choose to stay and not go back you will forget about everything that has ever happen because it will be like it never happen? I wanted to stay and it almost felt like death or maybe how someone would be in a coma...in the distant I suddenly heard my oldest daughter calling mom after about the third time I started to wake up but it was the hardest thing to try to wake up and be coherent? My thought is that it almost felt like I was dying and if I did not wake up my self now would of actually died in my sleep but because I came back I'm still here.

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From my many experiences with interpreting dreams at the MDS Dream Forum, when there is an announced age of a person or a stated period of time, the dream is pointing to an actual experience in the dreamer's life that holds an emotional charge. Thus, when you were the age of 16 there was an experience that still holds an emotional bond, most likely one that is still in conflict. The driving into the bright light would likely be 'driving' into your deep unconscious to rediscover these past experiences.

With that said the 'script' of your dream seems to be pointing to you as a 'mother' and realizing many experiences, and perhaps aspects, about yourself that were like your own mother. Those shared experiences/aspects are written down in your unconscious and there is a good possibility you are now realizing your own past experiences with your mother are now coming true with you as a mother. The 'me now and the me then', perhaps paying attention to your own words of advice to your mother. There may have been a particular experience at the age of 16, or a reflection of that time period having to do with your mother, that are now repeating itself. You are the mother now. And you have a daughter.


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