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Point of View

Recently, I have been having dreams that switch from first person to third person. But, when they are in third person, it is somone else. Also, if-in the dream- I meet another person, I jump into their body and suddenly I am them and I know all of their family history, their opinions, everything. When i become another person, the tone of the dream completely changes. for example, in one dream, I was a young girl, of nine or ten, and my cat was very sick. I was sad all the time and cried alot. the cat was clearly suffering but my family didn't have enough money to take it to the vet, and I couldn't heal or 'put it to sleep' by myself. As a last resort, I took the cat into the petstore where I had bought it. In the petstore, I passed a woman taking her dog in for training and I then became that woman.

I used to have dreams in the first person, unable to see myself and affrm my corporeal existance, but now, the point of view has completely changed. Just wondering if this means anything significant.

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Re: Point of View

Let's concentrate on the dream with the girl of 9 or 10. In dreams that girl would be you. The sick would also be you, your feminine aspects that may reflect traits or personality. Going back to where you bought the 'pet' would represent your origins, your birth. In that store was a woman that you would become. The dog could represent masculine aspects, a part of you that needs to be trained {undeveloped masculine aspects}.
See the pattern?

The age of the girl may be revealing a time in your life where influences/experiences held strong emotional impressions that now a part of your personality. Your mother would be the most likely candidate that you would become {personality traits she possesses}. Underneath the waking self there may be fears of becoming like her if those aspects are negative in nature. Being very sick may suggest some aspect of you life that has not gone well. How is the relationship with your mother?

Jumping from the first person {the waking self} to the third person {the dream self, the true self} could be the dialog between the unconscious self with the waking self {this is what dreams do-communication between the unconscious self to the conscious self}. Jumping into their 'body' and 'knowing' all about 'them' is again an aspect of dreams. They inform you about the true self. The ego self, the waking person, may not realize all there is to know or understand about the true inner self. If there are emotional conflicts from your life, let's say with your mother, you may not realize or understand those influences. People in your dream, especially unknown or unnamed people would be aspects/parts of yourself. This is how dreams work. Your dreams are about you, your emotional life, especially the unresolved conflicts.

Look at your dreams in this context and see if they fit with your waking life.


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