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Heart (attack?) Dream

Hi, last night I had a dream that I was having some sort of heart problems. I'm relatively healthy and I've never had heart problems before in my waking life.

In the dream, I realized that even if I did something as simple as take a single step my heart would start beating really fast. And if I actually started walking I would fall over because it was too difficult on my heart.

I suspect this is something emotional-related, but I can't put my finger on it. Any help would be much appreciated!

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Re: Heart (attack?) Dream

If you look at a dream symbol as a literal thing you then you will be confused to its meaning. But if you look at it as 'symbolic' it will fit somewhere in your life. The primary symbol in your dream, a heart attack, could apply to the 'heart' but the attack could have to do with 'love'. A possible scenario that may apply is 'if there is a love interest in your life and you take a simple step in your pursuit your heart beats really fast.' If you really pursue this interest with zeal you may fall over because it is too difficult on your heart. Is there someone you have such an interest in your life? It could also suggest a fear of disappointment about a possible relationship. A heart attack often symbolizes a 'lack of support'. If not a love interest the dream is wishing to communicate to your conscious mind then perhaps some other aspect that has to do with the lack of support.


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