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July 21, 2011

I am walking into an open area and there are two people (seem to be women but I cannot determine) that have been looking at and enjoying pictures. I ask if they would share them with me and they readily agree. I look through them and there is one at a location I recognize at the end of a group of buildings. I walk to the location on a cement pad and locate the area at the end of the building. There are several ‘stores’ there but none a re recognizable but it is the place of the picture.

I hand the pictures back to the person and take off for a run. The cement is hard so I move to the side of the pathway that has green low cut grass. I run for a while on a gentle downhill grade and then cross over the cement pathway to the other side and run along the gentle winding slope on the other side. I get near the top and see a small fountain with water at the bottom and I head there to clean the clippings off of my shoes. As I approach the water there is something slippery near the water/pond/fountain and I begin to slip. I suddenly have a slight fear that I am going to re-injure my leg by falling. I suddenly relax and the fall is gentle and a slide for a short distance on my side but it is painless. I woke up feeling quite peaceful…

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Re: Dream

Could these two females represent a female in your waking life and the other your feminine psyche? Have you been examining these two aspects of your life recently? Sharing is something you wish to do with both. But 'locating' or realizing just how to balance the two may be the question. The 'one' is a concrete' part of your being {or it could be one aspect of the two relationships}. But recognizing what place they have in your life as a part of balancing may be the task you face in everyday life.

The cement and moving to the side pathway. Waking aspects vs feminine aspects? The grass may represent the 'natural' aspects that you can always rely on {the inner self, feminine aspects}. There is a fear of injuring these inner qualities. This may suggest a fear of neglecting certain inner aspects. But with your experience in life and the known qualities and benefits of the 'inner life' the slipping is only temporary, you know how to balance life.
Of course when I speak of inner feminine qualities I am addressing creative/spiritual aspects.

And of course with all dreams there are those waking experiences that the dream could addressing. Separate conflicts that are less about the inner and soley focused on recent waking life experiences. Two aspects of the same dream, two interpretations to every dream. These would involve personal experiences that only you can determine.
The 'other side', the inner self, is what our dreams would focus on from mid-life on, and what is most likely needs to be determined when interpreting a dream. The emotional conflicts in symbolic language is how we interpret the dream. The literal experiences is something the dreamer has to 'match' with the interpretation. Outer vs inner, the outer life along with the inner life. It seems to be feminine in nature.


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Re: Dream


Many thanks for the great insights. The past two months my masculine side has been critical in my daily living/calling. Major decisions being made with thought and finality in the decisions. Leadership has been critical and foremost. So, the time to work on the ‘inner’ has been minimal and is asking and inviting me to ‘pay attention’.

Hopefully my creative and feminine side is on the rise as the right players are in the right seats. The good news is there remains a calm and peace in my spirit so I will keep moving forward and ‘pay attention’ to the urgings in daily living.

Be well my comrade!

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