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Last night I had very disturbing dream. My mum came to see me with her doctor. After while he told me that I am 4 months pregnant and he asked if I can show him my belly. After that I was on the street, walking and thinking - if I really want this baby. Then I met my boyfriend, we went to see one concert and he still didn't know about my pregnancy. We got separated seats. So I could not talk to him. But I remember that I felt very uncomfortable, I really wanted to tell him, but I couldn't.

I didn't dream about pregnancy for the first time. I am dreaming about this quiet often. What do you think? I am planing to analyze my dream according to Freaud's repression. But I would love to know your ideas about this dream. Thank you!

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Re: Pregnancy

I don't know that Freud will much help with understanding this dream. If you feel there is something you are 'blocking out' and looking for answers in your dreams I suggest Jung as opposed to Freud. Freud's dream analysis was limited whereas Jung expanded the possibilities that will provide deeper insights to your dreams. To start I suggest you read my page A Simple Guide to Dreams It is a Jungian approach to dreams and their interpretations.

As for your dream. Since your bf and mum are featured in the dream and I would look to what 'new developments' are taking place in those relationship. Dreams use symbolic language to express emotional conflicts in the dreamer's life. Pregnancy often symbolizes an aspect of yourself or some aspect of your personal life that is growing and developing. What in the past 4 months has developed that could involve the relationship with your mother? 'Her' doctor could suggest there is a need for a 'healing' in the relationship. There could be repressed emotions involved {belly} which would involve her or some aspect of the relationship with her {look to her experiences in her early life, possibly to do with pregnancies}.

Trying to decide if you want the baby in the dream would probably represent whether you want this 'new thing/idea' in your life. Since your bf becomes a part of the dream, and the two of you are seating in separate seats, this could represent a conflict with him over certain issues. You can not talk to him may suggest you feel you can not reach him, discuss this problem with him. You want to express yourself but are not able to.

Any repressed contents in the dream that I can see would come in the relationship with your mother. What do you think of her as a 'mother'? Are there conflicts with her? Again, the doctor may suggest a need for a healing.

It could be you are in conflict over the status of the relationship with your bf. Seating in separate seats' not being able to talk to him, feeling uncomfortable, these could be clues to your true feelings toward the relationship. You may not feel confident he will be there in times when you would need him.

Other possibilities to a pregnancy would be you have given a lot of thought to having a baby, especially with your bf. And there is a possibility you are really pregnant {a lesser possibility to the dream interpretation}. Thinking about pregnancy could be due to the status of your bf relationship. And since you feel there may be repressed aspects in your life, it could have to do with unconscious contents becoming conscious, this being the 'new development' as symbolized by the dream pregnancy.

Look at your life and the relationships with your mother and bf and determine what might fit from my suggestions. Your dreams are about your emotional life and the other people would most likely involve the relationship with them {as opposed to an older person's dream where the mother could be symbolic of something other than a real mother}. What new developments have come about in your life. The 4 months time frame may be important.


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