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Thank You - Swimming Pool Response

Hi Jerry,

Thank you so much for your interpretation of my "swimming pool" dream. Yes, I was married to a very emotionally abusive, controlling, high-strung man. I was afraid of doing something that would set off his anger or sarcasm/contempt. It was not safe to have my own opinions or be real or open with my emotions because he would use this information against me later and tell me I was "weak" or I was a "child" or I had "emotional problems." It felt like gaslighting sometimes and drove me into a depression for many years. I was always so shocked by his obliviousness to how mean and cruel he could be. He was very closed off about his emotions... would never let me get too close to him or try to understand him deep-down. He wanted to have the upper hand... it was never to be a marriage of equals. It's been five years post-divorce and he still has that same threatening, controlling, mean-spirited approach in the occasional interactions we have (we have a daughter). I still don't know how to deal with him except to avoid him as much as possible.

I very much appreciate your analysis.


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Re: Thank You - Swimming Pool Response

Here is the link to Jackie's original posted dream. I will add her response and my comments to that page.

Swimming Pool


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