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New women/femine in my dreams

Women in my dreams

July 28. Context: Recovering from a very difficult trip to Salt Lake City hospital for my grandson’s bowel condition treatment. Mix up with doctor and hospital resulted in cancelled appointment. My son’s ex-wife was there and a lot of tension and difficult time occurred as a result of her presence. On the trip home, both my son and I were angry and had a big blow out about what I consider a minor miscommunication. Now, 5 days past and we are getting our steady and stable routines going again with good energy and good times together.

Dream from Thursday. A young woman and I are driving in a city in my car. I am in the passenger seat, she is driving or (most likely) sitting in the middle of an old-fashioned bench seat and someone else is driving. I am not sure. We are looking for something – I am not sure what. I am attracted to her. I feel surprised by this. I tell her of my attraction. She is pleased and says, “Really?” then moves close to me. The body contact with her is stimulating and I am surprised and pleased. I waken feeling relax and pleased with the dream.

Dream from Friday. I am, with my son, getting ready for a party at my current small house. I’ve invited a few close friends. Lots of folks begin arriving and helping prepare food and table which is moved by one of the guests from the corner to the center of my kitchen. I am aware that I know only a few of those arriving. I am not anxious about this. I go for a walk trusting the party will develop well without my directions. On my return to my home walk, I am in a city, (unknown to me) that is pleasant and kind old – not modern. I get a call on my cell phone. The phone is covered with a nice tasting cookie dough which I am nibbling and enjoying. The caller, a woman, tells me something complimentary about the party and me. I ask her who she is, she responds with “I am a reported from Moscow, Idaho.” I ask her how she came to be at my party. She responds, “My son, who is a friend of your son, invited me.” I waken feeling pleased and relaxed.

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Re: New women/femine in my dreams

The first dream does seem to represent a 'new feminine' aspect, or perhaps an 'attitude' toward your inner feminine. Examining the position she is in in the car {you} suggests 'she' is in a position of 'balance' {sitting in the middle}. The confusion of who is driving, and then pronouncing someone is driving, would probably reflect a 'confusing. situation in your waking life.

Then there is the 'stimulating' experience. My sense is the dream is addressing two different 'feminine' aspects, an inner aspect that you wish to/need to develop {possibly to do with the incident at the hospital} and an outer attraction. The attraction need not be a true feminine person but perhaps a personality change that would stimulate better results when confronted with aggravating experiences such a the one with your ex-daughter-in-law. The confusion may be with the inner 'feminine' qualities you have developed in your journey to wholeness vs. the attitude of putting those inner attitudes into play when confronted with negative experiences like the one at the hospital. 'She' would be the balance of inner and outer.
Unless there was an experience involving a 'female' with a mutual attraction then the 'she' in your dream would be about aspects of your feminine psyche.

Another thought. In the dream there is an old fashion bench type seat. This could be pointing to the past. Perhaps this is about past influences or experiences. It could have to do with those influences/experiences that have shaped your personality. Or it could be something more personal that has a direct link to the present day. I'll let you dwell on this and see if anything comes to mind.

Dream 2

From the 'corner to the center' is what catches my attention. There are known and unknown aspects involve in this move. The 'party' would be of the 'inner self'. There is an assurance/confidence in this aspect. There is that inner 'trust' that things will develop in the outer life. It is from experience you have this confidence.

The call on your cell phone probably represents being receptive to communication with the unconscious self, with the positive feminine psyche. But instead of taking it all there is a 'nibbling' of the information being offered. This may indicate a 'slow' recognition of these newly developing aspects. It involves your son, perhaps a message of balancing the inner and outer attitudes involving that relationship.

In both dreams the waking feelings are positive, relaxing. My sense is the dream may be addressing the need/desire to utilize those 'better' feminine qualities, put them to use when situations like those at the hospital involving your ex-daughter-in-law come about. Putting in place an new outer feminine attitude that already exists within you, displaying those inner qualities in times of negative experiences. Centering yourself in those feminine qualities in the outer life.

The Moscow, Idaho inclusion. Probably something to do with real life experiences. A quick Google search comes up with Moscow being is the county seat, the center of commerce and business. A centering, balancing of your own 'inner city' that has to deal with the commerce of life?


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