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Both Shot

My boyfriend and I were out somewhere. It looked to me like some sort of performance theater. Everyone there was running and screaming leaving the room through two big doors going out into the entrance of the building. I was looking at the scene from the outside of those doors when the dream started. I followed my boyfriend to a bathroom that anyone could use talking casually. I was scared, I felt something was wrong. When I looked in the mirror, I saw a hole in my head the size of a bullet. The wound wasn't bloody, it looked clean. He also had been shot the same. I kept on saying, I think we're dead, that we've been shot, and after looking looking in the mirror, had confirmed it. He said that he knew we were and even seemed happy in a way like he didn't really care. I was confused as to how it all happened and he said that he always just went out where I went out and stuck with me. I said that I didn't remember coming here and that I had gone to sleep so how could I be there. He said no not exactly. I didn't go to sleep according to him. We left the bathroom from there and went back into a stair well. My old boss, a lady in her sixties maybe, was coming up the same set of stairs we were going to go down and she screamed, 'God in heaven! I KNOW!' as in she knew who we were and then I woke up.

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Re: Both Shot

My sense is the dream is addressing some aspect of the relationship with your bf, a shared experienced that has or could 'wound' the both of you {hole in the head}. It could be to do with 'thinking' aspects, perhaps something the two of you are thinking about, something that would cause 'death' on some level in your life {death being symbolic and not literal, an end to something that would cause a new beginning}. Upon reflection {looking in the mirror}, giving deeper thought to the shared experience, you may realize something about it beyond what you feel now. Confusion and sticking together may be themes in the relationship you need to examine. Your unconscious may know more than your conscious mind about some aspect of recent shared experiences.

The 'old boss' may be symbolic of someone of authority in your life. What woman do you know of who is in their sixties that may fit with the 'old boss' description? Your mother perhaps? There may be shared experiences between you and this person since in the dream she 'Knows' who the two of you are. Knowing is wisdom and wisdom comes from experience. The old boss could have have the same experience in her life.

That would require 'knowing' what the shared experiences are between you and your bf. Something the two of you may be thinking about. What in recent days is there that could fit with these experiences between you and your bf?


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