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snow and bears

last night i had a dream i was on a snow mountain waiting my turn on a toboggan to slide down a sky slope. my sister and brother appeared in the dream as young children,they were sick and i placed them in a tent with blankets. i climbed a fence to skip the line up and met an old friend who said she would help us get down the mountain.then i needed a phone to call my sister and the first 3 digits of her phone number 716 appeared.

Also two nights in a row i had dreams of bears one was a black bear the other a polar bear in a glacier lake. thanks!

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Re: snow and bears

I suggest you look back at those years when your brother and sister where children and determine what 'cold emotions' may still exist from that time period. Fences are unconscious barriers and climbing one may indicate a need/desire to climb past unconscious barriers that are a result of childhood experiences. The old friend could also be alluding to the past, that friend being a part of you which can eilluminate those childhood experiences in question. The phone call may be an instruction to contact your sister in real life to determine more about the time frame {as well as a communication from your unconscious associated with the childhood experiences}. The three digits may be of a personal nature. Does the number 716 have any meaning? If not the different combinations may be symbolic.


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