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THe message

HEllo ,

Well - the dream starts in a place like a giant temple. I am represented as a big mass of dark energy and to me is attached another black mass. We try to enter that place without being seen, i know that i can be there but he cannot... And then, there is a man who sees us and tells us to leave. We become humans in our regular forms from everyday life, and we start going out. There is now a part od that temple that is like an administration part ( there are desks, typing machines, secretaries, some rooms... ) ( all still in the temple) And that guy who was attached to me ran to one of those rooms, i think it was the bathroom for visitors and ditched me. I became pissed off at him and i didn't mind the " punishment " i will endure for breaking a big rule ( it is the feeling i had in the dream) . I enter then the bathroom which is only for the staff of the temple, like i was there before- it was very familiar ( the feeling was i am allowed to enter and be there) .The Bathroom is all white, a big mirror. I see myself in the mirror and am looking at me while cursing that S..of A B... for doing that to me and also seeing me like i am today and thinking how cute i am and there is another person that i see in the mirror - i look in the mirror and then next to me . There was a man-looking andronygen person (like a genie from the bottle) all white , cool attitude , pleased to see me , applauding me and saying things like - well it was about time you come, nice to see you here, you did a good job, how are you ... like we are doing the same job but i didn;t know until then that i am one of them... and there was an exit door with a glass on it starting to show letters - there was a title, and then the text. The first letters were written in blue and i am consciously in my dream trying to figure out what is that text and the word mockingbird is the word i understood the text was about...
The dream was very strong .. please share your thoughts with me - i don;t understand the part with the letters and the mockingbird . I went online and i learned there is a book - to kill a mockingbird and a movie which i never read, or see... i know there is a song by eminem but i was never a fan of rap music... so what now ?

Thank you very much in advance. You have already helped me a lot in the past, few years ago so i have faith in you .

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Re: THe message

There could be two aspects to your dream with both being real 'possibilities'. There are two common applications to the symbol of a temple and both could apply to you and your life. I will address the first which would be the spiritual aspect. If you take the interpretation and apply it to your recent waking life experiences involving a man/men who have attached themselves to you {or you have attached them to yourself} then that would address the second possibility to the 'black mass' that is attached to you.

Note: I return to the beginning of my interpretation after have rendered my full interpretation with these instructions. Where I use the term spiritual you may need to replace it with the term 'metaphysical'. Metaphysical would represent that self beyond what is considered a norm, beyond the identified self as pronounced by a normal world.

Also where I reference a man in your waking life as a real person, you may want to look at that male as an aspect of yourself that not only applies to inner concepts but also outer. The man would be apart of you. I think these instructions will be n=better understood after you read my full interpretation.

The black 'mass' would represent not only an unconscious agent but could also be an actual reference to religious experiences. In this form there is a desire/need to balance your spiritual self {a big mass of dark energy and to me is attached another black mass - with the attached mass being a male - i know that i can be there but he cannot there}. The reference would be of the feminine aspect needing its place in balancing your spiritual identity and the male being a part but not all controlling as would be the case with religious dogma of the patriarchal church {And then, there is a man who sees us and tells us to leave}. The church, the outer controlling aspect, would also be represented by the 'the administration part'. There is an inner conflict of consciousness with your masculine self {animus} that is caused by the outer attachment of religion. You are unconsciously confronting the conscious need to eliminate the outer controlling agent in an effort to balance your inner life, which is representative of your true self.

The punishment would be an inner as well as an outer application. The first would have to do primarily with the emotions and the second being a possible real experiences of punishment. What 'big rule' have you broken? Spiritually, given power to the feminine aspect would be breaking the rule of the patriarchal church which is controlled by men. You will need to determine what 'big rule' you have broken in your waking life since it is a personal experience which is usually beyond a recognition in a dream interpretation. Because this was a 'feeling with the dream' the application may be related more to the inner qualities more than the outer possibilities {although the 'sense' would be related to the true self needing/wanting to bring balance to your life - thinking about such spiritual concepts to do with the feminine would be 'breaking a big rule' in itself}.

There is a reflection {mirror} of your true self, spiritually/inner true self, as well as principles you live by in your outer life. Cursing the SOB would seem to be a waking life application as much as an inner one. What relationship would fit with this? There is still a need to balance both, emotionally {androgynous person
-both male and female
}. Both aspects are 'doing the same job' which could represent the two aspects the dream is addressing, the inner and the outer. The quest is to let this real person out. But in doing so you may have a 'label' attached to you that others in your waking life would recognize and comment on {the inner self application would recognize the need to be your true self and that would be the text your unconscious is commenting on}. On the outside, in the waking life, thee may be a 'mocking' of this true self/identity while in the inner world it would be a 'natural' thing, a beautiful things like a mocking bird in a beautiful blue sky.

The problem of course is determine which of the two applications are the primary focus of the dream. Is there a spiritual crisis taking place 'within you'? If so that would fit the spiritual aspects that need to be balanced, in a world of patriarchal control and for which you would carry a 'label' in your outer life {such as a heretic} and you could be mocked.

But this could also apply both to inner and outer aspects of who you are in reality, bringing that true person out. This would be something that would be looked upon as unacceptable in your culture, or family. It would involve masculine aspects in balance with feminine aspects {androgyny}. One would involve a 'mocking' of your true identity while the other, the true self, would be a reflection of that 'beautiful person' within, if and when you let this person out. This would fit with both the need to balance a metaphysical/psychological aspect of the inner world while also addressing the outer world and the 'acceptance' that would bring about in your real emotional life. In such a case the man would not be male in real life but a part of yourself that must be brought under control of your feminine dominant self.

Does this touch some aspect you can recognize about yourself? I anxiously await your reply to satisfy my own curiosity about the possibilities.


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