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July 31, 2011

I am walking down a snow filled walkway and arrive at a school and there are children standing in the yard watching me as I approach. When I get near the school entrance the snow continues to be deep and the children are not moving. I realize there are designs in the snow and there is a path just wide enough through the snow to walk and wind up to the building. After I follow the designed path (similar to a herringbone stitch) and watch the students as they continue to watch my progress I realize the path has led me to the top of one level of the roof and the designs begin to fade as well as the deep snow. I am suddenly walking on a green tin/vinyl slanted roof with horizontal groves about two feet apart. As the snow melts it starts from the top and I gradually an on a wet surface and a long drop to the ground. I continue to walk slowly with confidence but a bit fearful on the inside. I get to the end of that section of roofing, look around and there doesn’t appear any way to navigate and I wake up.

August 2, 2011

One of my female staff members visited the administrative offices and had her parents’ brownish, long haired dachshund in her arms and the dog is very friendly. The coat is extremely smooth and well groomed. The dog is licking her face and I comment that we had dachshunds before our son was born and another when he was young. I did not like it when he would lick all over our son’s face. The first one was black with what seemed like a brown bowtie and the other was longhaired brownish. The dog was friendly to me but I left the office. When I was driving down the highway I looked in my rear view mirror and the door was running behind me in traffic and there was another car coming up behind him. I slowed down and the dog was catching up so I pulled over, got out and the dog immediately jumped into the car! I got back in and he got in my lap and bit down on my right thumb and, while it seemed painful at first it was not hurting but he seemed quite consoled and comfortable. I was talking to him and he seemed to understand but continued to hold my thumb in his mouth. I stopped and attempted to figure a way to call my staff member thinking her parents were really going to be angry with her for losing the dog. The dog was a really sweet dog. I was thinking how to contact her and woke up!

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Re: Dreams--Re-post

I take it by missing the original post you could not read my response. Here it is again, copied from my original post.


Sorry to put you off but time plays such a role in my abilities to address the posted dreams. Your dreams are special cases because of your 'advanced' psych. I need a clear mind when looking at your dreams if I am to provide a quality interpretation. I feel refreshed on this Sunday morning and hopefully it will be reflected in my interpretation.

Generic images of children often symbolize aspects in life having to do with 'general' emotions associated with children in your current life. They can also denote your own childhood and probably do in some abstract way if the primary focus is on children currently in your life. With the knowledge there are emotional conflicts involving your grandson, ex-daughter-in law, and sometimes your own son, I would think the narrow path you are having to navigate in your dream has something to do with those relationships. This is a new learning experience {school}, the whole scenario taking place due to the illness of your grandson and the conflicts involved with the relationships of parents. There are a lot of 'cold' emotions {snow} to go around.

Designs in the snow and a path wide enough to walk may be associations to your personality 'character'istics that help you navigate the emotional turmoil. Your positive, spiritual approach to life is of great help in navigating the zig zag mental/emotional strain you are confronted with.

As the 'patriarch' of the family others are looking to you for guidance {students as they continue to watch my progress} yet there is that consistent self doubt that lingers even with the great confidence you possess and exude {top of one level of the roof and the designs begin to fade}. But the chosen path of 'spiritual' intent {a term I use to illustrate your Jungian mentality of spirituality that manifests itself in all areas of your life} overcomes the negative emotional stresses. Mentally you have risen to a higher level when it comes to the conflicts of the waking condition {emotional conflicts that then to control most people's lives} and this is prevalent in your actions and reactions to the emotional conflicts having to do with family. Yet, the road is still slippery and navigation must be calculated with great care and intent {I continue to walk slowly with confidence but a bit fearful on the inside}. Unconsciously you are in control, have learned to barter with all negative aspects that life may throw at you. But there is always that element of doubt {waking life, "doesn't appear any way to navigate"}. I believe such doubts are ingrained within the psyche, a natural structure of the human DNA to insure correct reactions to situations that may put one in a position of 'fight or flight'.

As for the possibilities of your own childhood experiences that may play a part in the dream {the two aspects to every dream}. That would be something you would probably need to dig deep into your past to understand. Most likely a minor aspect but one that holds some emotional charge since it is a part of the dream. The 'larger' emotional issues of the present are likely the focus of this dream.

Dream 2

Interesting beginning in that the Dachshunds, in the dream, are/were a pet before and after 'your son was born'. Before and after, could that signify the past and the present?

The female staff member, other than waking experiences to do with possible 'staff members' you have encountered in recent times, would likely signify feminine qualities you possess, a feminine 'staff member' within your psyche. Administrative offices are the 'official' aspects that you experience in everyday life.

I get the impression this dream, like the first one, is focused on more recent waking experiences than past experiences, as would most dreams {on the past} of a 'mature' adult who has begun/experienced the awakening to wholeness and self discovery. Let's see if that is the case with the dream as it unfolds.

Of course the dachshund would be an important image/symbol in the dream and understanding that would be key to the dream. My sense is it is directed at a person or persons, the 'animal' nature of a person. The 'habit's are something that were prevalent in the past and the present, something you did not like in either time {could the dream once again be addressing the 'two aspects'? as well as 'two people' who possess such habits}. Parents 'you know of' may be a clue to present day persons.

Licking the face may be another word for 'kissing up'. This is being done to the child. Fit somewhere?

The remainder of the dream has to do with the relationship with the dog/person. A 'he'. Could this be your son? Could it also apply to you in some form when you were the 'son'? There is anger in the parents {son and ex, and possibly your parents?}. Neither the less the feelings are this dog is sweet. Eternal emotions you have toward your son, those true feelings your son/ex has toward their son, the eternal feelings your parents had toward you?

Contacting the female staff member. My belief is the feminine aspect, those loving, caring, compassionate aspects that overrule, or should overrule, all other aspects, is the primary directory of the psyche. Unfortunately most societies have lost touch with this 'inner' self and focus on the outer ego-centered, material driven self. You are not that type of person. Contacting your 'feminine' side would be the natural tendency for you, and I.

A side note

When I am presented with a dream by someone past the mid-life stage, or even by someone in this transitory stage if they possess a matured psyche, I look to past experiences as the primary focus of their dreams. At this age most are 'looking back', reflecting and trying to reconcile their life. But with Lawrence I see something different which cause me to take a different approach. Being someone whom I believe to possess a balanced psyche, someone who has reconciled their past, he is now again centered on the present, the past not the emotional burden most people seek to reconcile. And with his present situation of emotional charge to do with family matters, the dream is once again returning to the present. Now there are always these cases where an older adult has such emotional stresses in their life. But the dream will still place an focus on the past since experiences is such a factor in how the person reacts to a present emotional force. The difference is the 'focus' of what is the underlying force in the dreamer's psyche. Even with great turmoil in the dreamer's current life, those influencing factors of the past will still force a focus on the foundations of the dreamer's pyche. It is true it is easier to recognize the past in such persons since current experiences are personal and less defined. Dreams do not normally point to an exact emotional charge, they define the perimeters of the emotional forces in the dreamer's life. The successes I tend to have when interpreting dreams are more prone to be with an older person's dreams. Being 61 years of age helps because I have experienced many of the same emotions. But the outline of dreams tends to be defined by the stage of life of the dreamer as much as anything other than the emotional conflicts in the dreamer's life. Age has everything to do with interpreting dreams. Advanced age has it experiences whereas early age is still to experience life. The less emotional charge/conflicts the less likely the dream is to focus on such conflicts. Yet a teenager who has had a 'tough' life will have their dreams focus o the 'inner world' but probably not as much so since the life is still in the 'experiencing stages'. The images in a younger person's dreams are more personal, and thus less defined and harder to interpret.

At least these are my experiences from working with dreams. They are recent 'revelations' and since they are 'young' subject to revision with further investigation.

We should always keep an open mind.


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Re: Dreams--Re-post


Thank you, this is VERY helpful! I have thought further on your interpretations and they are on target and helpful. Being in a position with the responsibility of developing or replacing staff is always a challenging opportunity due to the sensitivity of the process. Due to familial relationships being in a great position the issues associated with my career seems to be front and center now that you have added you perspective. There are those attempting to ‘suck-up’ and not having the ability…quite a different situation! Not having the appropriate skill sets is causing great anguish on the part of a couple of staff members and, to a certain degree, they are unable to develop the required skills and merge into the process.

Dreams continue, I am unable to keep them and they are short... stay tuned!

Shalom, Lawrence

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