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Weird shark dream

Hi all.

I dont know if i'm in the right place but i had a really weird dream thats been bothering me for two days.

I'd like to share and if anyone can help me figure it out I'd appreciate it.

The dream starts where I'm standing on the sea shore and there is this huge kind of boat-like object anchored close by.
It has a huge crane that is suspending a huge net full of sharks. It looks like a hundred sharks were just netted.
I watch the sharks squirming and feel sorry for them.
A man is standing close by and he is holding a golden key, watching me.
He tells me that I can set them free and I say I dont know how.
He tells me to use my golden key, that is why he gave it to me, to use it.
But I cant seem to find this key that he is speaking of.
He shakes his head and we both look back up at the dangling net of sharks ....
And then I woke up.

corny, I know, but for some reason it has been bothering me.

Any insight is welcome. :)

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Re: Weird shark dream

Boats and sharks both are often symbolic of the emotions. Sea shores are bridges between the 'unconscious' sea and 'conscious' shore, something within the subconscious that is in and needs to be recognized and acted upon by the conscious mind. A crane 'pulls- up heavy loads which may refer to 'emotional loads' that are currently a part of your life. Many sharks, many emotions.

You could be feeling sorry for yourself or want/need others to show empathy/sympathy.

The 'golden' key is something within yourself that needs to show 'masculine' influence. You may not be sure of yourself is some aspect of your waking life, unable to find the right 'key' that will help with your emotional situation/conflicts.

Are you under a lot of emotional stress? I don't see anything that points to a specific 'thing' that would cause heavy stress so it may be a combination of a lot of things {sharks}. You may need strength {man}, exert more strength in confronting these stresses, not feeling sorry for yourself but instead taking what 'load' of emotions you have and carry on.



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