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School disaster

I dreamt that I was at work, but in a building that was unfamiliar to me. I was working with small children, when we got in a huge donation of toys, and furniture. My coworkers and I were sorting and cleaning the donated pieces. I decided to go into the storage room and clean and bring toys out from there. When I got into the storage room, I saw a car; I opened the door and got into the car. Suddenly I heard what I thought was a loud boom and the building shook violently. I jumped out of the car and saw people running everywhere; I began screaming for my grandson Tyreak. Tyreak came out of a classroom with his other classmates. I grab his hand and we along with everyone else ran out of the building, just to find that whatever had happened inside of the school had happened everywhere. With this realization, I became panic because my granddaughter was at another school and I desperately wanted to get to her. Tyreak and I began walking and Tyreak reminded me that we had a car. We ran to the parking lot to get the car but I had left the keys to the car in my locker. We went back into the building to find the keys. While I was searching for the keys, Tyreak said, Grandma, I thought you said that there was no fire, but I smell smoke. I sniffed the air and I too smelled smoke and tyreak and I left the building.

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Re: School disaster

My sense is the dream is addressing your past with concerns related to your grandchildren. Working with children would apply to your own childhood as well as your grandchildren. The donated toys would be 'playing things' that you did not have. The furniture would be 'inner' furnishings that you lack {not receiving proper childhood love and attention}. At mid-life and beyond we tend to 'sort through' those childhood experiences, albeit unconsciously {the unconscious dream}, seeking resolution to those emotional conflicts that have their foundations in childhood. The storage room is your unconscious, what lies deep in the unconscious that has been 'stored away' {earlier life experiences/influences} can shake your building, you, violently when traumatic experiences are remembered.

The inclusion of your grandson may indicate fears for his safety or upbringing. Inside the school would be learning experiences in your life, something that may be shared with Tyreak. 'It happened to you' and now there is a fear it could happen to 'everybody', specifically Tyreak.

Your granddaughter being at another school may suggest a different 'learning' environment. Your granddaughter may be a reference to yourself, and/or could suggest she lives in a different place than your grandson.

The keys to surviving this threat {emotional} lies locked away in your unconscious {storage room}. You will need to go 'back in', into your unconscious and to your earlier life to find those ways to unlock the emotional conflict you have. Mid-life {late 30s to late 50s} are those years we do this inner searching. The smoke you smell that could lead to a fire would be your own experiences and the fear of Tyreak sharing those same experiences would be the stimulus for the dream.


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