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adorned camel

I dreamt that I lived in biblical times with my two sons Ali who was around 10 and Von who was an infant. We lived in what appeared to be a mountain with many caves. Living in these cave were many different families. My children and I lived in the cave on the ground of the mountain side. I remember feeling sadness because I was unable to feed Ali, or Voney. Suddenly we heard a voice shouting, will someone lead me to the Christ, I am going to see the Christ. The stranger was dressed in very fine clothing and jewels. He wore a crown covered with jewels. This stranger’s camel was adorned with jewels and fine cloth, he looked beautiful. The stranger kept shouting will someone lead me to the Christ, and my son Ali shouted, I will. What the man wanted was someone to hold the reins of his camel and lead him. I had the feeling that he knew where he was going, but wanted to rest maybe while someone else who knew where the Christ was did the leading. I didn't get the feeling that I was being asked for my permission, and Ali was going. I felt so much sadness as Ali left. When I turned around to go back to my cave, the stranger had left me a goat to give milk to Voney.

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Re: adorned camel

Usually when a dream begins with ages of children it points to experiences during that time frame. But those instances refer to the dreamer as the child whereas the children in your dream are yours. But that probably doesn't alter the pattern. If there are experiences when your children were younger that match those years to do with 'biblical times' then that would fit your waking life. We want to get this first opening part of the dream right since it usually sets the stage for the rest of the dream. Were there experiences that had to do with faith/religion, or 'strong beliefs' during those years you children were younger?

If this is not true your sons may symbolize developing masculine aspects within your psyche. Because of the biblical reference those masculine qualities would also be likely to do with faith/religion/ strong beliefs.

Which ever applies, and both could, there seems to be negative emotions in need of 'nourishment' {feeding the children}. Both children I take are males so both would involve feeding the 'masculine' aspects in your life {whether it be your actual sons or your own masculine qualities}. Caves often symbolize the unconscious so there may be unconscious attitudes involved you are not aware of or do not utilize.

The symbol of Christ may represent spiritual aspects if you are the religious type and hold to the Christian faith. Or he could represent perfection of your own spiritual truths. The camel may symbolize an ability to handle responsibilities since it is adorned with jewels as is Christ {your spiritual qualities}.

The man with the camel seeks to be 'lead'. Leading is a masculine quality and your son Ali could represent mascilune qualities. Or he could represent spiritual/religious traditions. There could be confusion to this spiritual path {someone else who knew where the Christ was}. Part of you is going in one direction {Ali} while another part needs more 'nourishment' {Voney}. Ali is going in one direction whereas Voney is still in the 'cave'.

One son is named Ali. Does that have anything to do with 'Ali' of Islam? Are there questions to your spiritual faith, perhaps conflicting views of faith? Are you considering changing your spiritual affiliations or have there been questions or experiences having to do with opposite religious doctrines? Something may be developing in you, a 'developing' idea of new spiritual beliefs {because there are two males it may involve patriarchal aspects, both of which Islam and Christianity are based upon. The childhood possibilities may involve early life experiences where you were exposed to a different spiritual doctrine you and/or your family practices today. In this instance both cases I presented in my opening statement would apply. Developing spiritual masculine spiritual aspects as well as early life experiences you were exposed to.

Go through my interpretation and see what may fit. Your response should clarify the possibilities and we can better determine what the dream is trying to communicate.


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