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Fighting a female dog

Well hello! I love this site sooo much! Long time i don't come around. Hope everyone is fine. I just found the old nick I used here! Seems I always dream of angry things O.O

This dream was so, so dirturbing that came here right away. Fresh then full of details.

I was a place full of trees and I was talking to one of them who had its "hands" shaped as big hearts. She was nice to me. Told me everything in my love life would be fine and shook her hearted branches at me, blessing me. Then I was going out this forrest and to my cousins house. In real life they have a dog that I dont like. In the dream, the neighbors had a very dangerous dog. As soon as I arrived the dog held in my hips not allowing me to move and I had to keep still and hands up for 10 minutes (I waited that long in a dream, can imagine?) and when she (was a female dog) finally let go, my uncle took a big bat and striked her (not that she cared) so I could pass.
I went in the house and wanted to say about the dog, but my cousin never stoped talking, so I went outsite to a hammock that was in the garage. I was laying there when I realized the dog was out there too. I started calling for help but noone came. But the dog had then realized it was me and came to bite me with all her strenght. Then I was so scared I screamed for help, but still, noone came. Then I got crazy.
I held the dog in the chin closing it's mouth so she couldn't bite me. Then I said "well you wanna fight? so lets go" and looked around and found a hammer. And I started to hit the (oh gosh) legs of the dog with it. When she had 3 legs broken and bloody i was going to let go, but she lifted it against me and then I broke the last one too and left the dog in the floor. Alive but crample. And I woke very very tense.

I am so worried! Not sure if this dream (nightmare!) would mean I am controling a wild part of myself or if i am making it bad! Help!

Oh, I know you always ask, so I'm gonna say right away that I am still single, but going out with a guy and he is very lovely and everything is going fine. ^^

Most thankfull and sorry for the mistakes in english.


Age/Gender & Location {Required/Post May Be Deleted If Not Provided}: 25, Brazil

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Re: Fighting a female dog

The hands shaped as big hearts is probably the primary theme of your dream. This would involve emotions to do with your 'love life'. The forest would symbolize 'great potential' growth in this area of your life. But there are dangers in love, the human element of emotions that get in the way.

The dog is obviously the important symbol that needs to be translated. It is a part of you. My sense it involves opposing forces within you, a cry for help {in your love life} vs beating back unwanted impulses concerning love interests that could be destructive.

You may need to better use your intuition when it comes to making choices in love interests. You may be beating up on yourself {hitting the dog} over past experiences. These have left you 'crippled' in decisions toward love interests.

This current relationship may be going well but unconsciously there are fears of something going wrong. You may need to examine why you do have problems attracting the right guy to your life.


Age/Gender & Location {Required/Post May Be Deleted If Not Provided}: 61 Murfreesboro, Tn. USA

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Re: Fighting a female dog

Hi Jerry!

Oh thanks once again for the wonderfull help in interpreting my dream. I think it was really accurate. I am, indeed, a bit afraid of get too involved in love relationships. That have kept me running from them a bit, but now I'm chilling out and giving a try, so to speak. Relaxing to "lets see".

Thanks once again! Hugs! Sayuri!

Age/Gender & Location {Required/Post May Be Deleted If Not Provided}: 25, Brazil

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search to Help Find Last Post} Female

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