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Attempted Rape by Demon/Devil

I had the hood open on a car and was looking in it, maybe to repair something but before I could even process that an invisible force had hands wrapped around my throat choking me. My arms were also being held so I could not push it off of me.

At the same time I was watching this dream, as if it was a movie despite it was featuring me. This took up about 5 percent of the dream though, the majority was in first person of the events.

I knew it was hands wrapped around my throat and arms even though I couldn't see them. I couldn't breathe. I was struggling to move but couldn't get out of it. It was hurting me so badly. I could see my flesh on my neck and arms moving from the invisible force squeezing it. I felt my throat constricting and watched myself as I tried to push it off of me and tried to release my neck by pulling my head back. Somehow it dragged me up a tree, it had super strength.

There it revealed itself to me. It was about the size of a baby or large house cat, all red with four or 6 arms and a long tail .. it was a demon/devil. It seemed skinless, the red was like flesh under skin. It was so scary. It had wrapped two hands around my neck and two on my arms and tail around me. Dragged me high up the tree and my back was facing down. My feet were hooked to the tree somehow, I am unclear of that.

There were two sharp branches sticking out, I believe they were made of some special strong material. Tips very sharp. They reminded me of very exaggerated elephant tusks. I watched this part like a movie too and was scared for her/myself.

Scared of how severely those sharp points would injure my flesh. I thought if it stabbed me in my skin it wouldn't be easy to recover. My mind couldn't handle that.

The demon instead put the sharp points through the sleeves of my shirt so I was fastened on this way.

Can you picture me? Feet hooked to the trunk of the tree, back dangling over the ground, arms secured to the branches with the sleeves of my shirt. I was very high up.

I was completely terrified.

I looked over and there was a bald eagles head, kind of like what you see from hunters with a deer on their wall. Only it wasn't right. It wasn't respectful. It was almost like the base was bones but I couldn't make it out, only it was a grey color. I'm not sure what it was up on, maybe a wall or tree.

I seemed to be in a forest behind a house. I asked the devil what the bald eagle was.

He said it had video cameras in it's eyes and was there to watch me in the last moments of my life. But first he was going to ravage and rape me. I was very scared of this and struggling. I kept looking over at it, looking at its eyes and trying to see the cameras watching me. I felt bad for the bird being beheaded and wondered how it died. I wondered if anyone else could see this demon torturing me and preparing me to be raped. I felt very exposed being watched by the beheaded bald eagle.

The me watching became aroused, thinking, 'oh raped by a demon I always thought demons raping humans was sexy'. The scared part of me stomped that out so quickly and wiped it away. I felt even horrible for thinking it.

I went back to trying to escape.

I found out he was like a controller of the bald eagles, or more like leader. I'm not sure how to phrase it. But I seen two flying together who were in love.

I said "didn't the paint have a toxic chemical to kill the bald eagles".

It was on top of me preparing to have me so didn't see the eagles and admitted that yes the paint was toxic to them. They heard this and turned and flew at him to rescue me.

The demons came out in the ground or that demon dropped to the ground & turned to a demon version of scabbers from harry potter, my pets came running from the house to fight them/it off. It was kinda chaos so I couldn't make it out. I was still in the tree trying to get down. My pets were all young again, but not babies. Like one years old. My black cat went after the demon rat, I was very scared he wouldn't be able to fight it but then my black dog went after it and it was gone.

Then I was in the house and an attractive man came from the bedroom with a group of women. I felt like I knew him but I didn't. I think he was my partner. I didn't tell any of them about how I was almost raped and murdered by a demon and how a fight with my pets and the demon had ensued.

I pretended everything was fine.

He said his mom died the night before. They all seemed judgemental about why I wasn't there for him during that. I said I was so sorry for his loss and gave him a hug. I could feel him crying on my shoulder and feel his pain. I was just trying to soothe him. The girls said it was okay because they all slept in bed with him last night to comfort him while I was gone.

They all slept in their panties and tiny tops. I was jealous but pretended I wasn't. He said he should go to them to thank them and I rubbed his back and pretended it was okay and let him go over there though felt I was clining to his hand and keeping him connected to me.

Then my husbands snoring woke me up.

Thank you for reading, it is a very long dream but one which disturbed me greatly. To make it clear the parts where I was being tortured felt extremely real, the pain felt very real and the inability to stop it no matter how hard I fought felt very real.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 27 Michigan

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Re: Attempted Rape by Demon/Devil

Cars are classic symbols for the dreamer. The car is you, you are the car. this is a metaphor. Dreams speak in the language of symbols and metaphor.

In that context, the car with the hood up and you looking in and noting needed repairs would suggest you are 'looking within yourself, unconsciously if not consciously { have you consciously and recently thought about or explored 'inner' emotions and/or experiences?} and seeing there are needed emotional repairs. The invisible hands could be unconscious forces preventing you from consciously expressing these emotions/experiences. This would indicate either repressing them, or ignoring, forgetting or an unwillingness to confront them. The car hood would be the covering up but now there is this 'opening' to these emotions/experiences. Symbol and metaphor.

As for the dream being a movie but most of it being in the first person. Because your dreams are about you it would be usual that they would be in the first person. Dreams are 'recordings' of those emotional experiences from your life. Think of the dream as if someone followed you around all your life filming your actions and experiences. Then sitting down and watching that film. You would be surprised of a lot at what you would see. These are stored in your unconscious and what you consciously think may not be what you unconsciously know. Consciously you have a perceived ego bias. The dream does not, it is true to the core. Period. 'The dream means exactly what it says' {Carl Jung}. Except it speaks primarily in a language of symbol and metaphor.

The third paragraph where the 'invisible hands' had great straight suggests the dream is addressing strong emotional issues. The tree may be symbolic of your personal growth. The emotional issues being addressed in the dream may 'strangling' that needed growth as a person. Those would be invisible forces, unconscious forces that have control over some aspect{s} of your life and who you are.

The revealing is either the dream revealing these emotional issues to you or/and recent waking experiences that prompted a focus on the past. Babies are something that are just recently born suggesting something new has been come up in your memories {albeit possibly from your unconscious dream}. Being 'hooked' to the tree does suggest it does have associations to your person and growth.

The demons are inner demons, emotional demons. We must understand that demons are symbolic of the emotional issues and are not 'real demons' that take possession. To think differently is going in the wrong direction and leads you away from purging the 'demons'.

Much of the narrative is repeating the emotional pain these 'demons' are placing on you {,font color="#00aaee">again, if not consciously unconsciously}. Consciously you may be living your and not yet realize their presence but unconsciously there would be a 'void' that you can not explain.

The bald eagle's head could represent 'restricted' access to a desperate emotional situation in your 'head'. There are emotions 'confined' to the unconscious that are 'newly' {baby} born, or needing to be realized {often the dream itself is the first step to the 'new' realization}. And because it has an affect on your ability to grow into that person you should be {tree} there is a need to unchain these emotional memories/experiences so you can grow and live a life that is consciously controlled and not unconsciously by inner demons.

The devil speaking to you is also an 'inner devil' and not something literal. The camera in the eyes of the eagle's head is what is in your head preventing your person and growth. If it is not already it has these emotions have the ability to rape and ravage you EMOTIONALLY {gain metaphorically and not a literal rape/ravage}. The exposing is within the unconscious, and the dream. Exposing these inner emotions that are so horrible and terrible. These emotions are trying to escape from the unconscious so the conscious mind can confront them and start a healing process. It is not until you expose and confront these inner demons can you heal the emotional wounds.

You do have the ability to control these emotions. But you must 'access' the inner emotions before you can understand what they are. That goes back to the origins to what caused these inner demons. At 27, and with so many others who have such demons, this goes back to childhood and the environment you grew up in. It could be the whole life or it could be specific and/or singular experiences. It could have been a real rape later in life {this is where dreams will take literal experiences and use those to address the emotional pain that continues to 'rape'' the person}. There must be that confrontation of the inner, and possibly hidden, emotions/experiences before there can be a true healing. That can be a 'demon' within itself.

The toxic paint is what you have consciously 'covered up'. Removing the paint would be 'toxic' to the inner demons, you are revealing what they are. The eagle, a positive symbol, seeks to rescue you. The growing inner issues have become 'unconscious pets'.
The commentary on pets, cats and dogs are probably addressing opposing conflicts. It is not always necessary to put a meaning to every symbol. The patterns are what are important.

The house is also you. The attractive man may be a real person. The masculine identity would be what the dream says he is. Someone you thought was one thing but turned out not to be. There is a hint of trust, and betrayal.

The part about 'his mother dying' and your comforting him may be speaking to actual associations to past experiences. In the cumulation/ending in a dream there is often a direct spoken commentary of such associations. What makes be believe {even more so} there are past experiences having to do with early life is the last paragraph.
'They {girls} all slept in their panties and tiny tops. I was jealous but pretended I wasn't. He said he should go to them to thank them and I rubbed his back and pretended it was okay and let him go over there though felt I was clinging to his hand and keeping him connected to me.'
This does seem to be pointing to early life associations. Sleeping in panties and 'tiny tops' comes across as something literal. Rubbing his back {probably has other symbolic meaning} and 'pretending' it is Okay seems real also. Trust and betrayal, clinging to his trust but being betrayed in the process.

A long dream but the patterns seem to be pointing to inner demons that need exorcising. Look back to your past and determine what the demons could be and when they began. If they are so deeply repressed it may take some effort. But likely you have a knowledge of what they are. Your response may provides clues to what they might be.


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Re: Attempted Rape by Demon/Devil

Thank you Jerry, I admire the way you use jungs theories and how you are so generous to respond to our dreams. A lot of the time these dreams will leave people feeling very unsettled and vulnerable and having someone to listen to them and help explain them in a comfort.

Recently my husband was accused of a crime he didn't commit and it has been a very scary hard time. I believe this may have a role in bringing up inner demons.

Now that you mention the panties and top association to child hood I do remember sleeping in something very similar when I was a child. I did have a lovely childhood with people who cared for me, but at the same time I faced a lot of emotional abuse & sexual abuse happened at a very young age. Sometimes I feel like I pretend that didn't happen because I don't want those adults to have to feel any guilt and I don't want to be a selfish bad person who only focuses on the negative. So when people ask I say I had a lot of people who loved me when I was a kid, because I did, and I didn't starve to death, because I didn't. I'm not one of those kids who was beaten to death or suffered years of sexual abuse. (it only happened for one year in my toddler years).

The night before I dreamt my mom was back to being very mean and cruel the way she use to be. I yelled at her she hadn't treated me that way since high school and I didn't like it. I don't remember the whole dream. But, I also had a dream that night I climbed up the stairs into an upper part of the house at her parents house and my sister was there and was going to reveal to me some of the hidden memories of molestation until something stopped her. I think I changed my mind and ran to the bathroom and then woke up.

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Re: Attempted Rape by Demon/Devil

Thanks for the timely response. And I totally agree with you about having a venue where a person can voice their inner feelings, an outlet. Although the primary objective is to help others understand their dreams, allowing a venting of emotions is often as useful function of the Forum. Vocalizing what is within often awakens what is not realized about oneself. Just as much as Jung's Individuation Process is useful in a deeper self examination, the Forum works nicely in supplying a place to express oneself. The later fits with the former. As does understanding and interpreting our dreams.

As for your dream, the initial setting suggested there was something you were unable to express involving some emotional aspect of your life { invisible force had hands wrapped around my throat choking me}. And in my mind the closing statement supported the probability of something from your early life {'They all slept in their panties and tiny tops}'. These experiences are probably the 'deeper' demons. And it is supported by your response statement "I faced a lot of emotional abuse & sexual abuse happened at a very young age"}.

Because it was such a long dream {which tend to repeat the emotional aspects} it is a bit more difficult to pick up all aspects of the dream. The matter of trust may still be an issue in your life. That trust may involve trusting yourself. Having been betrayed in early life often leaves emotional wounds that are hard to overcome in later life. Self blame can cause a lack of self trust. In your other dream the focus was on a subject that may be part of the trust factor. In particular this statement, "I dreamt my mom was back to being very mean and cruel the way she use to be". There may be over emphasis of compensation, trying not to be the 'bad mother', trying not to be your mother {I don't want to be a selfish bad person who only focuses on the negative}. This unconscious driven attitude may not let you be your true self. It is holding you back.

The last part of the second dream could very well be offering a solution to the problem. Climbing upstairs would be 'going into your head'. The issue has to do with your parents {could this involve the abusive issues?} house. That house would be metaphorical of the relationship with your parents. Your sister could be a literal application but also another close aspect of your own psyche. Revealing the hidden memories, changing your mind and exposing what those memories are, finally cleansing {bathroom} yourself of the stored up emotional conflicts having to do with parents and abuse.

In short, you may need to open up to the realities of the past and let the emotions out. Healing can only begin by exposing those emotional conflicts that have been hidden away. Unconsciously they have control over aspects of your conscious life and will remain doing so until you let 'it all out'. It is not the 'child'/you who was to blame for those terrible experiences, it was those who did the abusing. Confronting those issues, possibly those persons is how you begin the healing process. It will be a hard thing to do but necessary if you are find that harmony in life you seek.

Note: As an example of how 'hidden memories' can control a person, and how by letting those emotional conflicts come out can start a healing process, we can look to those people {as children} who were abused by Catholic priests. Most suffered throughout their adult lives without knowing why. Addictions, emotional issues, suicide, were common among this group. Then one 'came out' and exposed the abusive priest. Then another and another. In adulthood it opened the unconscious wounds of those who had kept hidden the abusive experiences as a children. Only them were they saved from the worst fate of having to endure the emotional pain throughout their entire life. Confronting the abusers was a tool for healing. And now we can see the extent of the problem, not only of the abuse but also one of trust. What occurred in childhood had unconscious control over them as adults.

Whoever was responsible for the abuse, whether it be sexual and/or emotional abuse, there is a need to confront those issues head on. And possibly the person/s involved. A trained psychologist is probably needed in such an endeavor.


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Re: Attempted Rape by Demon/Devil

Just want to try to reinforce Gerry's point that in no way whatsoever is child sexual abuse an ok thing. I felt after reading this thread that a little reinforcement would be not be too rude. There may be some good aspects of your relationship with this person, they might have some good qualities, but to do such a thing to a child is unspeakable. There might be that little voice in your head that keeps trying to find even the tiniest justification or excuse for it. The act of sexual assault on a child is a soulless, barbaric atrocity. There is no measure to its depravity and how damaging it is to an innocent, helpless child. Even if the experience itself was not physically or emotionally painful, it is still left up to you to determine how ethical it was. Especially when that person is still in your life, there is the conflict of still loving their better angels. First and foremost I would fix resolutely in my mind the principle that child molestation is categorically wrong. If I find that it isn't sufficient that I have resolved this within myself, I would risk my relationship with this person by squarely addressing the matter, impressing upon them the criminal nature of their offense. I don't see anything wrong with not forgiving them for it. I might say, we can still have a relationship, but I will not forgive you for doing that. Maybe out of pity you could forgive them.

I'm sorry for your conflict, I thought I might be able to help. I felt I had to say something. I don't know if it is something that was traumatic, but you are not the one who should have any shame about it. But someone should have shame, don't carry their shame.

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