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Maniacal supernatural ginger-haired figure who kills me

Had a very vivid dream about this figure. He was hidden for most of the dream and only appeared later as the guiding force behind all the other strange and scary happenings involved in the dream. He appeared slim, wearing black and had nothing particularly distinguishing about him other than ginger hair. He seemed as if he might be young (early 20s?) and was somewhat wild and maniacal. His manner of killing appeared to be by piercing a person's chest (and heart?) with his long pointed index finger (or perhaps some kind of scalpel object). He had immense supernatural powers and only seemed to show up at the end after various other figures (his subordinates?) had already attempted to kill me but failed.

The details of the rest of the dream are faded somewhat. But I remember being with my girlfriend in a house with many windows which was opposite another house with many windows separated by a yard. Strange things were happening, strange weather phenomena and there was this powerful sense of us being watched and of something sinister and evil in the air.

For some reason I ended up sneaking over into the other house and discovering it empty but with surveillance equipment all over the place which was set up to watch our house on the other side. I saw my girlfriend in a state of undress while I was over there. I felt annoyed with her as I had previously warned her we might be being watched.

At this point my memory is pretty faded. But I think somebody ended up coming home while I was there and I had to hide. I can't remember much but I vaguely remember something about lots of young daughters.

After this I was on the run for the rest of the dream from various supernatural figures wearing black trying to kill me. The ginger-haired ring-leader revealed himself at one point as the evil force behind everything that was happening and showed me how he was going to kill me (by piercing my chest).

I eventually came to the realisation at some point shortly after that I was in a dream. I was overcome by the idea of how good the story of the dream was and I wanted to remember it and turn it into a movie!

At the same time I decided to face up to my pursuers. Instead of running, I stood still, no longer fearing them, and when they came upon me they could not do anything, they could not kill me.

Seeing this the main figure, the young ginger-haired man in black came upon me. I stood still in front of him believing he too was powerless to kill me and that I was in a dream anyway. However, he then pierced my chest. I felt no pain but I think I was dead. I remember still being able to see with my eyes, but I could not move, in fact even my eyes were paralysed as I could only look straight ahead.

At this point I thought I was in sleep paralysis but did manage to wake myself up. Strangely, I found I had gone to bed wearing black from head to toe. I don't ever usually do this.

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Re: Maniacal supernatural ginger-haired figure who kills me

Give me a couple of days to give an interpretation. I am on vacation and do not have regular acces to my computer.


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Re: Maniacal supernatural ginger-haired figure who kills me

Here is what I get from your dream. You may want to look back to your early 29s to see if that period of time holds a particular relevance to the dream.

An earlier time when you had/needed/experienced excitement in your life. Out of control emotionally. Matters related to the heart, very emotional and opposite your normal self. Forbidden aspects you are/were afraid of. You are/were governed by higher aspects, perhaps moral considerations. These aspects may reflect an opposite of your natural being that you gave into and now feel guilt. A fear of other temptations. Although the moral aspects normally govern your actions, the natural inclinations take/took control. There is/was a need to recognize these natural aspects instead of running away from them. Although the governing aspects of your life tend to refrain from giving in to the natuarl tendencies you are/were powerless to control the temptations. Unconsiously you recognize this but consciously you still have problems accepting it.

You may be grappling with issues to do with the above and/or there may have been recent experiences that relate to these emotional issues. Let me know your thoughts to my interpretation and from that we may be able to better discern what the dream is attempting to communicate to your conscious mind.


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