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Rehired, maggots at work, boat, drinking staff

I really can not imagine what this would mean. The dream was really bizarre.

I was hired by my company that I already work for. The owner showed me the warehouse where I was to prepare it for being usable by the company. I looked at the lighting and said I hated it and that it needed to be entirely re-done. Then I saw a boat like thing, sort of piece of an arc. There were maggots underneath the boat. My boss said we had to move the boat to find the source of the maggots so we did. Then I went to the office where everyone was drinking wine.

We were supposed to get more warehouse space last month but did not. I think this slightly ties into things. But what about the maggots? What about the arc? The drinking? The being re hired?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Rehired, maggots at work, boat, drinking staff

If you look at the warehouse as an 'inner' aspect of yourself then the dream will begin to make more sense. The dream is most likely addressing the current working issues concerning warehouse space but the primary focus would be probably be more about you and your emotional life. You are the owner of that warehouse and any unused space would be about the storage of emotions. That is what would be to be redone, you not liking some aspect{s} of your emotional life and need to redo that.

As for the maggots, the symbolic meaning of that may be those issues in life that are eating at you or are destructive. Boats often represent transitions in life but may also represent being able to cope or express your emotions. What is it that is 'beneath' the stress in your life? Since it is a warehouse that needs to be redone there may not be enough room for new emotional issues and you need more space in your life other other things other than responsibilities.

Could it be you are under a lot of stress and it is eating away at you. You may not have room more emotional stress in your life. Being able to express such emotions is an outlet for releasing stress. You may be so involved in everyday routines and responsibilities you consciously do not realize the toll {need better lighting}. But unconsciously there is a realization you need to release the stress. If you will do that then you will be able to celebrate the emotional release {drinking wine}.


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