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dangerous foundation

Hi Jerry,

Background info: In waking life I just got laid off from my job, which was supporting me and my boyfriend, my boyfriend are having problems (mostly me wanting more physical intimacy than he), and I'm under a lot of stress to get my master's thesis done. There is a man, C, who I met before my boyfriend, who is pursuing me - wanting a sexual relationship. I'm not really interested, but will admit to being tempted by the prospect of sex.

In my dream C was at a booth, like a ticket booth. He called me over and told me he had something for me. It was a lead on a job or a requisition for a job. Something he said he got just for me. My task was to be a journalist - to investigate and write a story about the man who recently, in waking life, killed a female park ranger here in WA.

When I found the killer, he was building the foundation for a house. He was using concrete blocks and putting weapons and ammunition in the hollows of the blocks. He was acting extremely maniacal, moving quickly and making dastardly maniacal sounds of glee as he worked. I was hidden from view behind some trees at a medium distance.

I don't think I being afraid of being discovered, mostly just fascinated and terrified at watching the crazy and very dangerous man work.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

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Re: dangerous foundation

The dream looks to be a straightforward expression of the associations to C in your waking life, but of course using symbols and metaphors to color the sexual aspects in real waking life. C has a position for you, his intentions, but you to investigate your true feelings to determine what the 'true story' will end up being {you have little interest in him but the opportunity to 'relieve' frustrations are tempting}.
The man who killed the park ranger, you, would be your bf. The true story when investigated is the relationship with him {or to be correct, the non-relationship sex wise with him that puts you in this position of temptation}.

If the killer is your bf the he is building foundations that have to do with you/the house. I sense there may be intuitive insights on your part that may be reading actions from your bf, the vibs that he is putting out that may affect the relationship. Weapons and ammunition would be conflictive actions. There may be intentions on his part, conscious intentions, picked up by your intuitive senses {which are illustrated in dreams since both are 'unconscious' aspects} that betray his true desires. The lack of attention on his part is causing a conflict, emotional wounds. You are picking up on these vibs, the unconscious self {being unconscious makes it a hidden thing}, your true self/trees having taken notice.

Being discovered would be having your emotions revealed. Relief on one hand but frightened on the other. When engaged in emotional conflicts in relationships there are both feelings. A desire to escape what isn't right but afraid of losing it also. This would be reflective of the problems you are having in the relationship with your bf.

The killer may eve be yourself, in another aspect. You are building the house with concrete barriers, forming your own intentions, using your own ammunition in the conflictive relationship with your bf. This could fit both you and your bf. Both are being combative in waking life. Weapons of the emotions, the ammunition of inflicting wounds upon each other.

What I take away from the dream is the reflective aspects of the waking life conflicts due to relationship problems and a need to resolve sexual frustrations. But there may be deeper aspects, the intuitive aspects you possess picking up on vibs from your bf. I am one who believes in the intuitive aspects of the psyche as a powerful tool when used properly. To do that one must first realize they exist, and second learn to harness the power that goes with it {I use my intuitive aspects when working with dreams, they are a great asset indeed}. The ability to fully utilize the 'greater' intuitive powers requires a 'letting go' of the senses associated with ego and use those sensory aspects as a 'natural' tool. This is something we do when we meditate, the yoga meditations when the mind is instructed to 'let go', be still, not to think, just be.

Give it some thought and see where it may fit.


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