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Poisonous Spider

I do not remember a great deal about this dream. The dream involved a poisonous spider. I wrestled with this spider, capturing it in a white plastic bag. The plastic bag was not your typical plastic bag. It was made of thick, white plastic, and shaped like a paper lunch bag. I kept folding the bag in on the spider, worried that it was going to find a way to escape.

I believe that I know what this dream is about, but am not entirely clear about the message it is giving me.
I think that it is a warning that I should not lead myself into temptation, so to speak.

I am married and have a daughter, and I live in a small apartment building. To be straightforward, I have a crush on my neighbor. There is just something there, rather strong actually, which is undeniable.
My husband also really enjoys talking with our neighbor, and has been talking about starting a band together or collaborating in some way. I think that a collaboration would be artistically fruitful,and I would honestly enjoy spending more time with our neighbor. But, my gut tells me to keep as much distance as possible from this man. Whatever there is between us chemistrywise, he feels it too.

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Re: Poisonous Spider

'Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive'. Spiders, normally thought of as a 'feminine' aspect of the psyche, weave webs. But in dreams the thing that gets 'caught up' is often the emotional conflicts the 'deception' brings about. The dream is likely addressing this emotional aspect of your crush on your neighbor. Add your deceptive attitude involving the talk of forming a band with your husband, you are indeed weaving a very large web that most likely will lead to not only you being 'caught up' in the web but also your husband, your neighbor, his wife and both families. The attitude of pretending to support your husband is something that will eventually be 'seen through' {plastic}, if not by others then by your own guilty psyche. It also shows a 'plastic' attitude on your part. One step in this direction will lead to 'feeding on itself', causing you to have to be more deceptive with each new lie you invent to propagate this scheme. Emotionally it will only 'fold' itself into more deeper levels.

What is the message the dream is trying to convey? Consciously you are creating am environment that unconsciously you know is wrong. And unconsciously know will cause serious problems later on. Once yo begin this road to deception you will not be able to escape, emotionally if not from the actual web you spin in carrying out this web.


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Re: Poisonous Spider

I apologize for not responding earlier.
You are right, of course. I will heed the warning in this dream and try to be as honest as possible. Although I don't want to be so honest that I create awkwardness between my husband and our neighbor.

Thank you very much for your response.


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