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Devil & Suicide

So I'm fairly new to this site & I have to say that I'm not good at explaining things so I will try my best. My dream started off when I was in a room that was kind of narrow and had a bunch of windows all along the wall that had locks. The door of the room had a button thing that had to be twisted to open the door. My dad was leaving me and wouldn't take me with. I kept trying to open the door when he left but I couldn't. There were others in the room but I couldn't remember who they were but they were kind of partying if you will. Not paying attention. I remember freaking out because a killer was coming to kill us..but then when it came through the room( no remembrance of what it looked like) it felt like the devil. I just knew that's what he was but I kept telling everyone it was a killer and they didn't pay attention. I don't know why. I remember it coming through the door..Then I woke up trembling and sweating. Never really happened to me before. Then I went to sleep again and had the same dream except when my dad left I begged him to take me with since I knew he was coming so I quickly locked all the windows to keep him from coming in. I tried explaining to the others not to open them but one window was unlocked and one of the people fell through it and fell to their death. Therefore leaving an opening. Next thing I remember is that all of us jumped out of the windows to commit suicide. I remember hitting the ground wincing but untouched and I myself became the devil like I didn't actually turn into it..I just felt like I was like I stated when I had a feeling that the devil was in the room..hard to explain. But anyways I don't know what happened to the others except for they were untouched too. But that's pretty much it..sorry for the inadequate explanation but as i said before I'm new to this site and never really had bad any help would be appreciated..thanks!

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Re: Devil & Suicide

First off let me welcome you to the world of dreams. Not that this is your first visit to the dream world since almost everyone dreams every night. The Dream Forum is where your dreams are explored with the intent to help you associate the dream with emotional aspects in your conscious and unconscious life.

The opening of your dream, assuming your description of how the dream begins is the opening part, strongly suggests unconscious aspects are being explored. Rooms often represent aspects of your psyche. A narrow room suggests something that is not fully known or conscious. Windows is what you see through. Locked windows would suggest unconscious aspects are not being seen, aspects of your emotional life are locked away. The button may suggest an emotional issue that when pressed {twisted would suggest something that is unconsciously hard to open because of the emotional conflicts involved} sets off conscious emotions.
This emotional aspect may involve your dad.
Are there experiences in your life where you have been 'left' by your father or have feelings of being left?
This could very well be the unconscious door you are/need to open, the unconscious need to reconcile emotional issues involving your dad.
{the others in the room who are 'partying' may such the greater part of your life, other than these issues involving your dad is positive}.

The killer and the devil would represent negative aspects in your life {the language of dreams is primarily symbol and metaphor and not literal. There is not a 'real killer'. It represents a symbolic negative aspect of some emotional thing that is 'killing you'. The same with the devil, negative aspects}. No one paying attention may be both a reference to your positive self which is living a normal life not paying attention to the unconscious emotional conflicts, as well as perhaps others in your life who did not pay attention to the conflicts {involving experiences to do with your dad}. You may have actually tried to get others to see what was happening and they did not pay attention {this is where a 'literal' application of the dream would fit}.

Emotions upon awakening from a dream are important. You were trembling and sweating suggesting the dream had a great emotional affect. These unconscious emotions carried over into your conscious self.

The return to the dream finds you begging your dad to take you but also trying to lock him out. This may suggest as a younger child you naturally 'took' to your dad by there may have been a betrayal on his part that caused you to reject him. Such early life experiences may result in blocking those memories/emotions out, or you may have been to young tom consciously remember certain events {children begin to have real memories around the age of 4 or 5}. Locking the 'windows' may represent an unconscious locking away of these emotional experiences.

The part about one window being left open may suggest a recent experience that brought back these memories/experiences. One aspect about these emotional experiences has died/ended {again, death is metaphorical of something that has come to an end.Where there is a death there is always a new beginning}. This recent event/experiences has left an 'opening'. This may suggest the past is beginning to come back to you, a 'new beginning' to seeing the past.
The recent experience could be one where you again had an similar experience that brought the past back to your conscious attention. Suicide would represent a desire/need to put an end to these emotional issues, or you have gotten to a place where you no longer can endure the emotional conflicts. Being untouched would suggests it is not an actual suicide but you have yet to be consciously 'touched' by the unconscious experiences. Again, your life overall seems to be OK but these issues are presenting themselves to your conscious mind.

Being the devil may suggest you are responsible for the experiences when in fact you are the victim. Being victimized often in early life often makes the person/child feel they are at fault. Predators use this to keep the child silent, the reason you see so many older adults come out later in life and reveal childhood abuses. Feelings of inadequacy are normal for children when they are betrayed by a trusted adult.

Look at the relationship with your father and see where there would be feelings of being 'left behind'. This could be about feelings of betrayal on his part. These emotions may have been buried within your unconscious and recent events may have brought them to your conscious attention. Let me know what you come up with and we may be able to determine more bout the dream and your life.


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