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Melfla.com-My New Website

When I first began building my Myths-Dreams-Symbols website back in 1998 I never dreamt it would become such an important tool for my future {to include my son with his business in Orlando}. I just learned of great news to do with my new website and because of that I will do the following:

I am proud to announce my new website for my future move to Melbourne, Fl. later this year. It still is in the construction stage but I wanted to announce it ahead of time because I already have a #1 ranking on Google Search under the category of Dream Interpretation Melbourne Fl. Because I have only the front page parked on the Melfla.com the site is listed under my Myths-Dreams-Symbols website where the rest of the site/pages is parked. I felt the rankings would go high but never imagined how high at such a fast rate. The reason for this is my search rankings for the Myths-Dreams-Symbols website carries a lot of weight for any website linked at MDS. I only listed the Melfla.com website a few days ago and already my rankings have gone to the top. I hope to use this tremendous advantage when I move to Melbourne where my business will be dream interpretation and web design. My plans are to take early retirement from my fence construction business in Middle Tenn. MDS has become a true blessing, beyond the dream data I have designed {500+ pages}, and I hope to take advantage of this with the ability to boost other websites in the rankings, those websites and pages I design for others in the future and list on my other websites {I have a total of seven}.

To see my rankings simply 'Google' dream interpretation Melbourne Fl. My hope is to eventually have these high rankings under the general term Melbourne Fl. High rankings with internet search engines eliminates the expensive need for Yellow Page listings. I have discovered this fact over the past 6 months when our Gifford Fence listings both in Middle Tenn and Orlando Fl. In most categories under fence both sites are either on the first or second page. Our sales increased 30% this past year primarily because of Google search. It is a brave new world and anyone who does not have a website is living in the 'old world'. As Bill Gates stated many years ago"

There are two types of business in this new age.
Those on the internet and those out of business.

Note my 'promtion ads' below my name on this page. Every post I make at the Dream Forum creates a link and linking is one major tool that boosts internet search rankings.


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Re: Melfla.com-My New Website

My promotion of the MyDrSy.com website for Melbourne Florida has been a huge success. Not only is it listed on the first page in Google search for dream interpretation Melbourne Fl. this Dream Forum post is also on the first page. Google search also lists my Twitter MythsDreams page on the first page of ist listings.

As for my dream website MelFla.com it is also on the first page of Google search under dreams Melbourne Fl. {listed second}. All this is in preparation for my move to Melbourne next month. I am officially retired with only a few loose ends to tie with our fence construction business in Middle Tennessee. When I move to the Space Coast I plan to spend my time working with dreams and my dream websites full time.

On another note involving Google search rankings. Out fence construction business both in Middle Tennessee and Orlando Fl are ranked on the first page in most all categories in both Google and Bing search. We, my son and I, have developed a method of promoting websites that puts them high in search engine rankings. I created a new website 10 days ago {www.melfencepro.com} and it is already on the second page {under gifforfence/Melbourne.html} in Google search under several fence categories and the first page in Bing search {listed under Melfencepro.com}. If you know how the search engines operate you can produce amazing results. I intend create a webring for my Twitter friends when I get to Melbourne. Anyone listed with the webring will benefit with a boost in their website rankings. Stay tuned.

Note: The listings below my name is one tool I use to increase my rankings. Social pages are the new powerful tools in search engine rankings with Google and with every post i make at the Dream Forum I create a new link. Linking is the key to high rankings.


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