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Difficult Journey

I dreamt I was in a very large industrial area; it was similar to a Victorian sight with chimneys smoking away. Where I was, there was a very large factory unit which had a tower in the middle which consisted of three stories, so altogether four stories, it was the tallest structure on the estate. The tower was cubic and a lot smaller to the base.
I was on the 1st floor I had the need to go up, to venture forward to the other levels; in going up the levels it was very difficult and physically difficult. The route contained many obstacles from the 3rd story I had to dodge poison spiders. When I reached the top level I met Carl Jung. The room was set up with two comfortable arm chairs a coffee table in the middle. I felt relieved to reach the top and very surprised to meet Carl Jung there.
We spoke but I cannot remember what we spoke about, at one point we both looked out of a window at the area. Down below on the ground floor one of the buildings had no roofs and the rooms were treatment rooms for people with psychological disorders. One young person with extreme violent rage was met with peace and calm with respect to the person’s humanity by the attendant.
Jung said to me “It is a difficult journey here, yes”

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Re: Difficult Journey

Hello David,
It seems your the dream is addressing the 'industriousness' part of you that is focused on 'advancing' in life. Exactly what type of advancement is the question. The descriptive language being used seems to be of an 'inner search' in a world that is full of 'outer' difficulties {this the common theme of the hero journey}. In fact the 'three stories' of the building in addition to the tower which makes a fourth story reminds me of Joseph Campbell's directive of the 'four' aspects of being associated with Eastern philosophy. Without the 'tower' a person is stuck in a world of 'not knowing', immersed in a philosophy of the trinity that fails to recognize the true nature of 'being'. True being is not to be found in the outer world of ego and materialism but within the inner world of creativity and spirituality. Are you on such a search, trying to reconcile the outer world of needing to 'advance' in life yet also reconciling the outer requirements with the inner? Meeting Carl Jung suggests you are giving a lot of emotional energy to the difficulties of such a reconciliation. Jung is your inner psychologist.

Looking at the outside you see nothing but psychological despair in the world. Perhaps yours as well as the collective. The young person with rage, is that you in the past? Or perhaps/also someone in the present? Attaining humility that provides an 'inner peacefulness/calmness' is what is being sought. The attendant, your inner self in search for Individuation is the journey that must be experienced. A most difficult journey but one that will lead to that peaceful self you seek.

Undoubtedly you are familiar with Jungian philosophy. And possibly already seeking to apply his theories to your own life. The third story of your 'building', or you, may suggest realizations within the head, the thinking aspect. But the practical, or if we listen to Freud the impractical, application to life is what is difficult {Freud did not believe in the mystical aspect, the inner world that Jung saw as the most valuable aspect in achieving psychological wholeness}. This is the real world in which the hero lives {we all become heroes when we take that journey inward and live from that Self}, the challenges of society in contrast to the needs of the true self. Do we give in to the 'machine' or do we fight for who we really are? That true self is not ruled by social obligations. The true self lives from the inner knowledge of creativity and spirituality, giving of oneself to a greater cause. And although he/she must reside in the world it is not ruled by social obligations but by inner realizations. It is not often you meet Jung and are not transformed. That is his message, an inner transformation that makes one 'see' with new eyes. The hero receives the 'boones/bounty' of success.

And yet, in the world of the greatest heroes there is one constant. You will always be tested. As Campbell stated in his 'The Power of Myth interview with Bill Moyers, "life is a series of tests and realizations". The greatest test is staying the path, not giving in to the machine, being your true self. Very hard to do.

Luke Skywalker is a great example of a man fighting the system while seeking for that true identity. I sense this dream is pointing to the hero within you. Are you ready for that inner journey, the transformation to the higher self while living in a world of lesser beings?

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