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Finger comes off and hole in arm

I dreamed that people were flocking to our home because something interesting had happened. They were coming into the house uninvited. I tried to close the door, and I said, "My finger feels strange." It had come off with no blood. I also had a large hole in my arm. I kept talking to all the people while the hole was filming over. I dept trying to hold the finger in place.

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Re: Finger comes off and hole in arm

The uninvited people may represent uninvited emotions {on an emotional level the people would be aspects of yourself}. Closing the door would a desire/need to close the door on these emotional aspects. The finger may symbolize mental dexterity, ability to control the emotions. It coming off may suggest an inability to control the emotions associated with whatever it is that has come about in your life {look to recent events}. The arm is also a symbol for abilities to do with the emotions and having a hole in your arm may suggest an inability. A healing {filming over} needs to take place. But there is the finger, emotional ability/inability, that you are using to hold the emotions in place. This may suggest anger that you need to control.

Apply the above to your waking life and see if it fits somewhere.


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