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dream of husband who passed away a year ago

I was sitting outside on a bench, it was a gloomy day with slush around in the snow. My husband, (who passed away almost a year ago) sat next to me. I told him I was so happy to see him I had missed him. He would only smile throughout the dream. He held me and we decided to walk. I was walking alongside him with him holding my hand. I told him I wanted him to come home for the night. Maybe get his things after work tomorrow and he could come to work with me. He only smiled down at me and continued to walk after a bit he was walking with another guy and I couldn't keep up to him so sadly I turned around and headed for home but found I was lost. Didkah, a dog we both owned and passed away the year before my husband, came to me and showed me a door I had never seen before. I opened the door and Chinook (the dog I own now) was laying in the hallway and further down was Salem my cat laying in front of an open door with a light shinning through. I realized I was at my apartment and woke up. The weirdess part of this dream is it didn't feel like a dream when I woke up it felt like it really happened.

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Re: dream of husband who passed away a year ago

Sitting with your late husband on the 'outside' bench suggests you are still working through the grief from his passing. Snowy conditions indicate a need for a release of frozen emotions. Internally he is still with you and you want that to continue.

This first part of the dream sets the stage for what the dream is focusing on with the intent to help you resolve the emotional conflict you are still dealing with. These are unconscious forces where the psyche seeks to regulate healing from your emotional experiences. This is what dreams do.

The other man may be your deceased husband and keeping up with him emotionally in the present time without him has you lost. Unconscious forces, in the form of your deceased dog, and as the therapeutic aspect of the dream which wants to help you resolve the emotional pain, opens the door to 'seeing' where you are emotionally in your life. You have isolated yourself in one aspect of your life {the apartment}, living with your dog and cat {which could also represent balance of yin and yang, the masculine/feminine aspects of your psyche}. The hallway is a passage, connection to opening up to letting go of the emotional pain, bringing back the needed balance that is represented by yin/yang. The shining light is your positive life for the future, leading you away from the emotional conflict over your husband's passing without having to let go of the memories. As painful as it is, after a year of grieving it is time to move on.

The opening of the dream pointed to what the dream was focused. Moving on with your life without losing the memories of your late husband. Although his memories will always be a part of you it is in a positive aspect that is needed, the shining light pointing to 'moving to a brighter tomorrow' with his memories still with you.

Losing a loved one so close is most painful. From experience I know of this pain having lost a loved one {ex-wife whom I was still very close to} some 9 years ago. I still have those moments of emotions thinking about her.

I am getting emotional as I write this response.

But life must go on and taking those positives from the relationship and never forgetting {we have a son who has given us three wonderful grandchildren}. Time heals the deepest wounds but when it comes to loved ones who have passed, time never forgets. As it should be.


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