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Destroying old house that now dead ex and I lived in....

Hello! I would like to have some help interpreting this dream I had last night....

I had a dream that I was taking down the house my ex-husband and I lived in.

I dreamed that I was tearing apart the house and when I was finished their was nothing left but the basement, which I had somehow sealed off. My work being done, I turned to watch as the sun was setting. It was a beautiful orange and pink sunset that cast an orange glow over everything.

After the sunset was over, I turned once again to the house. The house had partially re-constructed itself the basement was unsealed, and a light was on in the basement. The right side of the was also partially reconstructed. (which was the dining and kitchen.)

A feeling of fear took over me I realized my dead ex was once again alive and in this house. I ran away from the house, down the street and around the corner and hoped he didn't see me. I woke up as that point.

Any help interpreting this dream would be appreciated, thank you.

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Re: Destroying old house that now dead ex and I lived in....

Taking down the house you and your ex lived in. That most likely would be a reference to dismantling the relationship between you and your ex husband. In dreams the basement refers to the unconscious. Consciously you may have succeeded in overcoming the end of the relationship but unconsciously there remains elements to be dealt with.

The sunrise with the orange glow. The future has great promise {if nothing else a reference to the positive attitude of the human psyche} but everything is not as bright as it could be. Something similar to the hangover after drinking too much there are aspects that need more time to get over.

Returning to the house. In dreams this house is you. You are reconstructing your life after the end to the relationship. But it is harder to reconstruct the unconscious damage. The right side of the house may be a reference to the emotional aspects that have only been partially reconstructed. Dreams are primarily about our emotions, your dreams about your personal psychology.

Just now noting the 'dead husband'. Is this a true statement or is he still living? If he is alive then the reference would be with 'his being dead in relationship to the ending of the marriage'.
Either way you are still dealing with the unconscious if not conscious aspects due to the ending of the relationship. You are running away from certain aspects related to the 'house'. Again the house is you, you are running away from emotions that you do not want to be seen by him. This could be a reference to the lingering emotions and positive attachment to the relationship, something you need to move past if you are going to 'rebuild' your whole life.


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