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I had traveled to Japan or Asia it was not clear, I had gone into a office building to visit my tai chi instructor. He was the office manager , I initially saw him he greeted me warmly and was happy to see me, he said could I wait for him for a little while. I can wait in the recreational rest area.
My visit had caused a stir with the workers and created a buzz of excitement around the office. The other workers were all Asian my friend was the only foreigner, the workers were smartly dress as professionals. He was the top dog the boss and I could see commanded respect and was very professional. I remember in the dream being surprised to see him because he had died in early 2011 and that he did not like the corporate world.
I went to the recreational area I waited for a while two other employees were in the room they were intrigued but shy, one of them asked how I knew the boss. I reply I had known in for a very long time he taught me tai chi. They were taken back with amazement because they did not know this about the boss. They did not know anything about his personal life and could never of imagined he did this. The inevitable question of how good he was came up and I answered truthfully to them he was very very good. The reality of the waking world her was excellent when he was alive. Each time they grew more interested and excited when I told them more.
One of the men said how good was I ? I answered I am ok but I have not practiced for a long time and am very rusty make many mistakes. The visit to my friend was not on the premise of tai chi but it was evolving out of the situation. One of the men then told me he had been learning tai chi for 18 months but not with my friend he did not know he was a teacher. He asked me if we could practice some, I was very reluctant and made excuses part of me felt insecure to do so. He persisted with well meaning I eventually agreed. I said we could practice push hands.
We pushed hands and then something unlocked inside of me, the advanced level of practice you can throw your opponent with easy move a thousand pounds with a 3 ounces. I threw the guy with absolute ease he left his feet and flew back 6-10 meters. I did not have the intention of hurting him and he was ruffled up and battered but not seriously hurt. One push he flew into the drywall nearly passing straight through. He came back to practice more, I did not know if this could be repeated. Then same thing again and again and again. I could not believe I could do this, only those of the highest skill could do this. I never thought I had it inside of me. The more I practice the more command and control I had I could harness this skill. I was in a moment of disbelief. The worker himself had never experienced this power his teacher could not do this he wanted to learn . I was in shock and disbelief, I did feel like some thing inside was unlocked but I did not know what it was and my method was the same way I practiced.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 32, living in Thailand U.K citizen

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Re: unlocked

If you will take the different people in the dream and apply them as aspects of yourself, you should begin to understand the message of the dream.

You are the office manager, the boss of your own life. There are things about yourself, inner powers that you possess but were not aware of. Likely there has been changes, or a desire for changes in your life. Aspects that take you out of the corporate world and put the focus o the 'inner world'. This has brought excitement into your life.

But as with the norm for anyone who takes that inner journey there is resistance from the ego self. There is a reluctance to go 'all in' top this new aspect. You have knowledge of the journey inward but have yet fully commit to this inner path. But the more you engage in this 'other world within' you begin to realize the power you possess, to better manage your life and the world around you.

"Tai" in Chinese means "Adjective + est", and "ji" means "the utmost". Chi is the upmost energy of the soul.

You are becoming your own teacher, as well as being the student. The lessons are of Self knowledge. This is what the inner journey is about. In Eastern cultures this is a norm. In Western societies it is just now becoming well known.

In 'chi' there are energies beyond the wildest belief. Bill Moyers provides insights to this energy in his documentary 'Healing and the Mind'. Here is a link to that documentary.

Healing and the Mind

No doubt you are aware if not actively engaged in Tai Chi and perhaps Eastern philosophies. My sense is the dream is addressing the inner 'fight' whether to fully engage in this new aspect of 'knowing'. The more you 'practice', or engage in this inner journey the more control you have over your world. It takes practice to discover the great power of the inner self. And with 'great powers comes great responsibilities'. You have to apply those powers, and responsibilities, to your own life before you can learn to teach others.
Think Karma.

Are you exploring other possibilities, those of Eastern philosophy? The fight is an inner fight and the 'chi' you are discovering is the inner strength to persevere over the ego self. It is a new knowledge of Self. It doesn't come overnight, it takes practice, and strength of character as well as discipline.
Your dreams are reflections of your life as it is in the present. Your dream tells me you are engage in a fight to become that true self. How much to realize this, well that seems to be a central theme of this dream. Pay attention, take heed, follow your soul and not the ego.


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Re: unlocked

Thanks Jerry

Your interpretations have been very useful to me, you brought things to my attention i was not aware of and helped me to look more objectively at my dreams.

Thank you


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 32, living in Thailand U.K citizen

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} male

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