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I was dreaming of being a a group of work colleagues but we were in the outdoord. One of them has a son, 10, named Eli who was laying in a tentlike cave peacefully with a big black bear. I recall feeling curious, but not surprised by the association. My attention shifted to another colleague. She was asking me if I could see the strong resemblance between her 18 year old and her husband. I could not see the facial resemblance but was surprised by her sons immense, super wide shoulder span. He was leaving high school and immediately becoming a sargent in the army. I turned my attention back to Eli. I discovered he had a altercation with the bear when my attention was on the shoulders of the other son. and had been clawed. However, he continued to lay with the bear as he had in the first scene without any fear. This again, was curious, and but not surprising.

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Re: bear

My sense is the dream is focused on recent experiences that 'resemble' experiences from your past. The years 10 and 18 may have significance, or perhaps even the difference in the number of years 8. It may even be directing you to look back at early life experiences to do with males in your life. There may have been an 'altercation' that is now resurfaced. The black bear in the cave mat suggest an unconscious aggression involving such events. Something you continue to unconsciously 'shoulder'. The curiosity would be from the need to resolve past emotional conflicts.

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