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Diamond Heart Jewelry

Hi there,

I recently had a dream sequence that that has totally puzzled me. Dream opens with me, standing with my sister in front of one old building in center of town where I live. In reality this building exist and this
winter was decorated with some lights - decoration that looks like icicle.I liked the contrast of this decoration and building gray old facade. In dream,my sister tells me that this building has totaly changed, that it shorter than before. In our dream conversation we call this building "The Palace Albania" which actualy exist in reality in downtown of Belgrade, Serbia, and represents the first skyscraper in this part of Europe, built before second world war. Both buldings in reality have similar gray facade and both building are in center - one in center of my town and one in center of Belgrade.

In second part of dream I'm following my sister on the way to basement of this building. We are going downstairs for some time. In one moment I slip and almost fall down the stairs. Than, we are entering in one room in basement. It is jewelry store with lot of shelves that are full of red hearts with diamonds of different sizes. I'm listening the salesman - women which is explaning something to my sister about one heart with big diamond. I dont't understand conversation but I'm clearly aware of diamonds great price which I can't pay.

For some reason I think this dream have some very important message for me. Have you any suggestion?

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 33 East Europe, former Yougoslavia

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Re: Diamond Heart Jewelry


Think of the building as being you. An old building would be an 'old you', the past. This past would be 'the center' of your emotional self. This emotional self is tied to the past. The dream is likely focused on experiences from your past, experiences you may have shared with your sister {she may also represent your anima, feminine aspects which may represent your emotional self}. The contrast of the lights to the old self may suggest a positive realization, and thus understanding, of unconscious contents that remain in conflict {emotional issues from your past}. These experiences have changed you. You are less a 'person', your true positive self, because of these past experiences. What relationships, or associations, do you relate yourself with this image? Similar buildings, similar experiences.

The basement of the building is your unconscious. Your sister in this sense would again be related to your sister and your anima aspects, emotional self? Falling down the stairs would be falling deeper into the unconscious depths. You have yet to do this, you ALMOST slip. This may suggest your are repressing past experiences.

The one room with hearts and diamonds. Diamonds would represent wholeness, hearts an expression of your emotions. They may also represent past relationships, pure emotions related to the heart. These relationships are buried within your unconscious. They come at a great price, or were given at a great price.

I sense the dream is taking you back to past experiences that have been buried. Something within these depths of your unconscious need to be resurrected. When did the facade of this 'building/you' change? Could it have to do with the Kosovo conflict in 1998/99. You would have been 19. What experiences are within the depths of your soul that you have pushed even deeper?

The feeling the dream has an important message would be the therapeutic value of the dream. Dreams seek to help resolve emotional conflicts. Something about your old self is buried. The hearts and diamonds, these may be 'souls' from your past that too are 'buried'. You may have had a recent experience that brought these past experiences to 'light'. Such experiences in your dreams will continue until the emotional conflicts are resolved. That is one of the primary purposes of dreams. Nature has provided this mechanism as a healing device. Emotional healing.

There could also be other aspects to these experiences that are buried. Give thought to the past, real thought. Meditation on these experiences may help bring up them from the depths.


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