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Dream or nightmare??


I had a dream, or rather a nightmare the other night which I would really like to look into a little bit more, because I can;t seem to shake it off. Please be patient as I will be describing it in detail, so it might be a little lengthy.

I also have to make very clear that ALOT of my dreams have the same viewing angles. The angle I see my dreams from are always the top right corner, its as if I am watching. I can see myself in my dreams, except it is always my back that I am seeing. It's as if my dreams are being recorded by a video camera from the top right back corner and then I am watching it on a television with me physically in the recording.

I had a dream that I was in a basement suite (I do not know who it belonged to though), and I was talking to my older brother (my older brother and I have never been on good terms, and I haven't in reality, spoken to him since July of 2011). We were talking when all of a sudden a man dressed in black from head to toe comes in from my left and pulls my pulls/drags my brother out of the room, I literally blinked and when I opened my eyes, I was in a forest. I started walking in the forest (there was no pathway so I was walking on trees and branches and what not) I walked until I got to this black figure which was the guy that pulled my brother and I saw him shoot my brother in the centre of his forehead. I closed my eyes and panicked, and when I opened them up I was back in the basement, and my older sister was there. It seemed like nothing was wrong, we were both happy, and I was about to start making breakfast. when I walked up to the oven, I saw my older brother slouched up next to it and he was wearing a hat. (My older brother wears hats, but he doesn't wear them facing forward, since we were kids, he always wore his baseball caps backwards.) I leaned over wondering why he had his hat facing forward as he would actually get mad if it were. I grabbed the front of his baseball cap and lifted it to turn it around and in the centre of his forehead was a clean gunshot wound. There was minimal blood literally just around the circle, no dripping. I screamed and my sister screamed. I tried to call 9-11, but for the life of my i couldn't call them as I was so shaken up, I couldn't bring myself to dial the correct number (I know it sounds ridiculous as its only 3 digits, but I swear it was impossible.) All I remember doing after that was screaming for help, and I ended up waking myself up to reality because I was screaming so loud.

I really hope you can make sense of this dream, because I for the life of me can't. I've spent the past hour searching all over the internet, and there are soo many "suggestions" for similar dreams, but not for what I have experienced.

Thank you in advance

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Re: Dream or nightmare??

My time has become short after catching up with earlier posted dreams and I may not be as thorough as I would like when interpreting a dream. Here is what I see in yours.

Your feelings about being videoed by a camera is exactly what dreams are, an unconscious video of what you really do in your waking life, who you really are in totality, played back while you sleep {primarily during periods of REM sleep}. This is opposed to the perceptions we have of ourselves in the ego world of consciousness.

The right corner could refer to this waking perception, more so to the unconscious realities of your true self. Right points to the social, ego being whereas the left points to the true self, that person who dares forsake the social requirements, the ego- self, and ventures to being that true being that is found within {as in our dreams}. Consciously you are this social being but unconsciously {in the back of the mind} you wish, we all wish, to be our true selves {spiritual, creative, fulfillment of the bliss that brings about meaning to each individual life}. The true self would also be realizing what past experiences there were that helped shape who you are today. Past experiences that have not been vetted, let out, that unconsciously have control over who you are. If there are emotional wounds from your past they must be let out so a healing can take place. No one can truly be their true self without first undergoing a healing of the emotional wounds.

But there are also the deeper aspects of the basement. These are dark places where there are hidden aspects about oneself. Dreams always address issues of the true being wishing to be let out, and the hidden aspects that must be let out if there is to be a healing.

You dream begins in the basement suite {basements are symbolic of the unconscious}. Part of these unconscious aspects are dealing with the relationship with your older brother. Likely it has to do with the personal conflicts in that relationship. Getting him out of your life, a masculine quality within you, may be key to self discovery of your greater aspects. The forest is a place of rapid and continuing growth. It is also an aspect of you {as are most all images within a dream, symbolically}. Going into the deep forest, symbolically going into your own deep unconscious self, is a path only you can take for yourself. This is where you discover these hidden things, aspects, that can lead to personal growth. Unconsciously you are wanting/needing to 'branch out'. Consciously you are more likely stuck in a world that prevents this.

The black figure may be a shadow aspect. Shadow aspects can refer to traits you possess that resemble those of another person {your brother}. In such an instance your older brother would be a part of you, would be you. Being shot in the head would then be a self inflicted wound, to yourself. There are probably unconscious aspects to do with these related experiences with your brother.

The rest of the dream seems to be focused on shared experiences in your life with your older brother and sister. This may be pointing to early life experiences in one aspect, and more recent shared experiences/traits/aspects as an adult.
Hats or caps are apparel that covers the head, or in symbolic language conceals certain thoughts or aspects about oneself. The gunshot wound to the forehead would be an emotional wound of some type. Calling 911 would be an unconscious call to remember what caused these wounds. Not being able to may point to a repression of the causes.

Look to experiences that have led to the disengagement with your brother and see where that may lead in reference to emotional wounds from early life. The wearing of hats by your brother may suggest he is/was not his usual self {wearing it forwards instead of backwards}, or what should have been a normal relationship with him. Were there early life experiences involving him that now is a part of the breakup with him? Your sister would have knowledge of these experiences also and may have had the same experiences. It could be that these experiences are instrumental in shaping your personality in the present. You may find yourself being much like him in some ways, not being your true self.

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