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Pleasantly Surprised

I had a dream that my best friend, I'll call him Fred, burst through my front door in his winter boots and parka, and he was also wearing a green-turquoise paisley scarf that he got me for my 18th birthday. For some back story, Fred and I have been friends since kindergarten, and everyone always thinks we're dating. We've always been affectionate toward each other, but since I moved to a different city, the cuddling/hugging when we reunite and "I miss you" calls and messages in the middle of the night when I'm away have increased by about tenfold. My older sister and her fiance, my mom, and my two best girlfriends think we're going to end up together. I ended my most recent relationship in part because the guy would not accept Fred as a permanent fixture in my life.
Anyway, Frank bursts through the door, and it looks green outside...not cold and wintery. He says he has to show me something and to come quick. I faintly remember him mentioning his mother, who I am on excellent terms with, being there. I run to him to hug him, and I kiss him on the cheek, and he picks me up and tries to carry me outside. I yell that I'm not wearing shoes, so he brings me back in. I put on green sandals, and he carries me out, but whatever diversion was there is gone. He walks over to his car and reaches for something inside. He takes out two papers and starts tying them to the nearest tree branch--to the ash tree in my parents' front yard. The tree was oddly lush and a deeper green than usual. All of the vegetation, the lawns, was an extraordinarily rich shade of green. The real counterpart of the tree was relatively young and sparse, and it recently had to be cut down because it was hollowed out by pests and was leaning toward our neighbors' carport. The first paper is a certificate of some sort. It has a seal, I can't tell where it's from, but it looks closest to either a US or Russian seal, at the top and it's filled out in script. The second paper is hanging from a string, and it reads "by the authority of (in bold) REENS STEFFENS," and the rest is illegible, but I got the feeling that it was a an authorization to park in front of my house. Steffens is the last name of another close male friend with whom I had some chemistry, but nothing ever happened. His nickname is squirrel boy, so I don't know if there's any connection with that and the fact that this sign was on a tree. Reens for some reason made me think of the Rhine. I don't know if that's relevant. I sound neurotic. Fred finished hanging the signs, and the branch he hung them on now stretched as high as the telephone wire near the tree. He looked at me and said "It's ok. We can wait. She'll come back." I felt myself smiling, and I woke up in a really happy mood, and with an intense urge to call Fred. I didn't because I woke up at 8 am, and he doesn't get up until at least noon on the weekends, so I sent him a quick text. He responded immediately.
I don't really know what to think of this.

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Re: Pleasantly Surprised

First off I would think you hold very strong feelings for Fred beyond just being 'good friends'. Hugging and cuddling is more than friendship and to break up a relationship because the guy could not accept Fred in your life. That would suggest deeper emotions than perhaps you realize.

On the inside, unconsciously, you have realized the importance of Fred in your life. Consciously {him carrying you outside} you have yet to realize it.

Shoes are your foundations and wearing sandals may suggest 'opening up' to your true emotions. Green is the color of natural growth, as is trees. With Fred the trees are lush, full of growth. The whole world is full of growth, as is your world.

Something has cut short a part of this world {yours}. You are covering up certain aspects {carport}. Are there expectations by family that you have a 'better' relationship with someone other than Fred. Or is this an expectation within yourself? What are the 'pests' in this relationship?

There are personal symbols that have meaning to the dream but since they are personal it would be hard for me to interpret. But the ending of the dream {endings in dreams are important} seem to verify my original thoughts. Your feelings for Fred are more than just friends. And from his quick response to your text {he should have been asleep} may suggest his feelings are mutual.


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