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request dream interpretation

I am sitting down in a box car on a freight train. To my left is a beautiful brown horse, coat is shiny and he is very alert. The door to the box car is wide open, and we are looking out as the train is slowing down and moving towards the left (rt. to left)and we are passing through an industrial part of a large city. Another horse that is very similar in appearance is to my left, back and in the shadows a bit. That horse seems reticent and shy and waiting for the train to stop. It is a sunny day. Suddenly, the alert horse on my right leaps out of the boxcar, lands perfectly in an empty lot,that is fenced and has a white surface. I call to the horse, "stay right there. I will come get you." The other horse and I wait as the train continues to move slower and comes to a stop. Now, as I look out of the boxcar, the train is up on an elevated track that is at least 3 stories up from the industrial area. The horse and I will have to find a slower way to get off the train now.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 63.98 years Dayton OH

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Re: request dream interpretation

I get the sense your dream is addressing your life journey and the possibilities for the future. Freight trains carry heavy loads and in dreams that would be the accumulated experiences throughout life. The wide open door to the box {a box has four corners and the number four symbolizes wholeness, finding wholeness and balance in life} may suggest there is an opportunity or perhaps a need to discover opportunities to new meaning in your life.

The horse may represent strong physical energies. The color brown could represent both sensuous or human animal senses and/or the dawn of life {at 63.98 years it is common to be thinking about such things}. Moving from right {social duty, the ego world} to left {the inner world of spirit and creativity, and true meaning} may indicate you are seeking more in life than what has been given. But for the moment you are still navigating the social obligations and responsibilities.

The other horse in the dark {the unconscious aspects} would be the true self {it is on the left}. This part of you is undeveloped, perhaps unused. This part of you, when realized and utilized, offers a 'sunny' proposition to your life.

Your social being is perfectly positioned to make the transformation to the inner being that waits in the 'shadows'. But this world of social duty and ego is empty, fences you in from your true self. It has to be rescued.

Your inner self, the true person that seeks to rescued from the depths of the socially driven life of obligations and responsibilities is slowly coming out. But the social 'dragon' has thrown new barriers at you and you have to take a even slower path to self discovery. You are still on the train of life, the ego driven life.

If your age as given is true it may be you are giving serious thought to retirement, getting away from the responsibilities and obligations that weight you down in your waking day to day life. I am very familiar with this stage of life since I am on the threshold of my own transformation {I took early retirement last month and am now getting my resources together to finalize a move to Florida and full retirement}. If not retirement then the dream would suggest a need/desire to get out from under the strains of responsibilities and social obligations. I still see the 'other self', the shy horse in your dream, as wanting/needing to be released and recognized.


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Re: request dream interpretation

Thank you Jerry. You have given me something more to think about. I noticed how perfect the sense of timing was with the horse on my right, and the corral seemed like a 'clean slate' for something else to be started in there (with the white floor). I also felt like the horse on the right was very alert, whereas, I was sitting waiting (rather than looking for the opportunity to 'take the leap' and get off that work freight train. My lack of full attention, or imagination that an opportunity could show up 'at any moment' may keep me on that train longer than I want to be. I also felt the call for patience, both from the instinctual level with the horse waiting to be rescued, and the shadow horse and me waiting to get off the train. So, what you have done is open the dream in a new way, a new view, and what you are saying is quite true, as I have a small workshop business to sell before I can get off, and there are responsibilities to a lot of people that are involved. Not heavy ones, but nevertheless, they are there to be resolved. Thank you so much. Also, blessings as you make your move to a happy and abundant retirement life!

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 63.98 years Dayton OH

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} female

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