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Re: The viel of knowledge

do you feel with losts of responsibility in your waking world. .
in this dream all the responsibility of taking care of the president falls on you . . .or do you want any/more responsibility perhaps you feel you dont have enough responsibility , you are an agent wearing dark, i did some reaserch and wearing dark clothes was symbolizes the unknown, the unconscious, danger, mystery, darkness, death, mourning, rejection, hate or malice. The color invites you to delve deeper in your unconscious in order to gain a better understanding of yourself. It also signifies a lack of love and lack of support. More positively, black represents potential and possibilities. It is like a clean or blank slate.

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Re: The viel of knowledge

As for the respomibility part Ive actually been learning that I can take on more, though it should always be in a “responsible” way, and not to over load myself, Ive done that before…

You came at it in a different approach and that is very wise, thank you so much
Ive been wanting more and have sought it out before and again on the search for it again, and the dark clothing, well there is irony in that… Scorpios have a death- rebirth cycle, including the eagel- which was the sign first for the scorpio, but the eagle to goes through such a cycle, so for dark clothes to mean death, I see it in favor, the death of the old and the rebirth of the new.. Im into the unknown and mystics and deeper uncon…. T say short thanks to you now I have a broader understanding of why my draem would put indark clothes in such a dream

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