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Re: Elaine's Purse

Odd that your dream involves 'Elaine' from the Seinfeld show. I recently have given thought to how much I appreciate how well she has aged. She has a new TV program about to begin and it has gotten positive reviews. When she was on Seinfeld she was young and inexperienced. Could this dream have something to do with your inner worth {purse}, introspection on your own personal growth as you enter the phase of life I think of as the 'wisdom' years? Purses can also represent 'hidden aspects' as well as identity or personality aspects.

The TV show is a script of your life, the inner life {walking inside it as Elaine}. There are probably aspects about her you associate with, perhaps stimulated by recent coverage of her in the present day. The purse would be how you feel about yourself on the outside as well as your total self {which is the authentic self}. We all live in a three dimensional world but the desire is to discover that fourth aspect {diamond} that truly gives worth and meaning to life {to quote Joseph Campbell,'there is no meaning in life. You have to find meaning in your own life.'}

The other woman is you also, aspects about yourself you may have yet to realize or completely comes to terms with. Those aspects/associations about Elaine are being 'tossed' around {psychologically} and you want those associations back {this may be a reference to a younger you}. With introspection what is inside comes out {emotionally}. The lower level is the deeper depths of oneself. You are looking at yourself from a higher position {the dream} and within that is a narrow chance to realize what wasn't visible when looking at it from an outer perspective.

The loss is life and in life there is the what could have been and should have been {in introspection}. The other woman, you, is responsible for the loss but will she be held accountable? This is the ego context of not being responsible for the past and with that wisdom is lost {loss}. When one looks inward and sees what is valuable then the wisdom learned is utilized to live a better life. If one refuses to accept the true condition of their psyche, loss endures until the final curtain falls.

I sense you are going through a stage of introspection and this dream has to do with that. There are personal aspects I can not know but overall I believe it is about introspection on your life and what worth there is in the outer self as you navigate and examine your inner being.


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