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I had gone back to my old tai chi class with some nostalgic sentiment even though my teacher had died. Too my surprise he was alive teaching the class i was very shocked, as the class went on his image changed and it was another elderly man teaching the class. i realised it was an illusion, i had projected an image on him which was not correct. The man had taken over the classes but was not my old teacher.

The dream then stopped and brought forward an acupuncture meridian chart of the small intestine highlighting the point small intestine point 10 in the image but in writing said small intestine point 17.

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Re: Illusion

Because dreams are metaphorical of life's emotions and experiences you should look to those aspects to determine the 'illusions' in your life the dream is attempting to communicate. The one thing that seems to be prevalent in the dream is the 'old' aspects which may be pointing to your past. The nostalgic sentiment would also point to the past. I would look to the projection aspect as something real as well as the 'illusion'. Both of these references may denote something about yourself or in your life that is not real, merely a projection of the outer self {image}.

A possibility to the dream message. It may old habits have taken over your ability to be disciplined and you can only project an 'air' of confidence.

As for the median points of the small intestine. The number 17 in acupuncture corresponds with 'throat distention'. The throat for 'swallowing' and voicing. The number 10 corresponds with the shoulder and upper arm. The symbolic references may be applicable.

Being in the stomach the 'illusion' in the first part of the dream may be something that is hard for you to stomach and your unconscious voice {the dream} is trying to help you sort the emotions associated with this conflict. Being able to shoulder this 'internal' emotional conflict is causing waking issues.

Another possibility to the second part of the dream is the application of the physical body referencing possible 'conflicts' of these parts of the body. Have you had physical problems with either or both? It may be they are associated with the 'illusion' aspect of the first part of the dream. Perhaps a denial of sorts. Dreams can provide insights to physical conflicts well before they become conscious.


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