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Following My Bliss

I wish to take a little space to report on my journey. Those who are aware of my quest know of my desire to be able to spend all my time working with dreams and my website Myths-Dreams-Symbols. My path is predicated on two philosophies, both related. One is the Jungian concept of Individuation, the self psychology that leads to wholeness when followed with discipline. The second is from Joseph Campbell's Hero Journey, the Monomyth. Both require the hero/heroine to live life on a spiritual level based on the natural world {not religion which is a concept/tool of patriarchal man}. When these concepts are followed, the theory is one will come to 'bliss', find balance and wholeness in their personal life. I wish to report this is actually happening in my life. It requires great discipline but with the tutelage of Jung and Campbell I am realizing my bliss. I am almost there.

Two occurrences I wish to illustrate that support this belief and my path.

In March I turned 62 and qualified for early retirement. What this does is provide an income to live on {modestly at best} while I put all my energies into what I love doing most; working with dreams and the deeper psyche and developing/maintaining/promoting my Myths-Dreams-Symbols website. Although I have planned on early retirement for many months there have been developments that will provide greater monetary resources from social security than I had anticipated. This came about in a matter of one week with not only realizing more in my monthly benefits but also receiving back pay from the first of the year {an amount of several thousands of dollars}. Along with anticipated resources I will receive from my day job over the next few months this will provide me with enough to make my relocation to a warmer climate {I am looking at the Melbourne, Fl. area} where I plan to engage in my dream work and MDS. Being near the ocean has long been a dream and now I am close to achieving it.
What was usual about this matter to do with SS benefits was 'they' called me and informed me I was qualified for the increased benefits. The lady who phoned me was an 'angel' from above and with her instructions I was able to put together the needed paper work. Within a week I had the back pay in my bank account. And my monthly SS payments increased by $150 a month.

The second is the increased business we are experiencing with my fence construction company. This is a business I started 34 years ago and this year we are on the path of our best year ever. Not only does this provide me with monetary resources to help in my move but it also will provide my son with an income for as long as he wishes. I gave the business to him some years ago and while I manage the operations in Middle Tennessee he is building the business in Orlando, Fl. {and doing really well}. Not only that, my oldest grandson will become involved in the Middle Tennessee operations part time while he attends college in the fall {MTSU}. This will provide him an income while also letting my son receive an additional income from the operations by 'sourcing' out parts of the business. Knowing I have help provide these resources for my son and grandchildren {my youngest grandson,age 9, is already making plans to be a fence contractor} is a blessing within itself. What was a venture in starting a business 34 years ago has become a reliable resource for my extended family for a long time to come.

But there is one other aspect to do with my bliss that lends itself to the equation. Although my reputation as a ethical and reliable contractor gets us most of our business in Middle Tennessee, it is the internet that has increased our business over the past year. More people are now using the internet in finding contractors and throwing their Yellow Pages away. Because we Gifford Fence and Gifford Fence Orlando are listed on the first page for about any category of fencing you should Google, our business has increased tremendously. And because I and my son designed and promote our websites it doesn't cost us anything to be in the position we are in {whereas my competitors pay $2000 a month for this service}. A huge advantage.
But what allows us to be able to rise so high in internet rankings is my Myths-Dreams-Symbols website. It is the anchor for all our websites and because it has such a high ranking on the internet any link we make to a regional website benefits with a high ranking. If not for Myths-Dreams-Symbols, which I first placed on line in 1998, which makes it an 'old' resident internet wise, we would not have the ranking for our fence construction businesses. Myths-Dreams-Symbols is a product of journey, being self taught in web design and self educated in Jungian psyche. It all fits together. And it all began with my synchronistic encounter with Joseph Campbell some 20 years ago when I first saw him on PBS in The Power of Myth.

“If you do follow your bliss you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. Follow your bliss and don't be afraid, and doors will open where you didn't know they were going to be.”
Joseph Campbell

If there is any doubt to the concept of the hero journey then I suggest putting the ego self into submission to the spiritual Self, and then witness the results. The one thing that is required most is discipline to stay the course. In my waking life when i engage with the social obligations of work and people I try to life life by WWJD. Not that I have any religious affiliations to follow but simply abiding by the laws of nature. What goes around comes around, the concept of Karma, the laws of cause and effect. It is as simple as that. Getting there may seem like a monumental task. I have found that by following the hero/heroine path there is a realization of the bliss in life that is sought. This path is the same as 'Individuating' oneself to a higher consciousness. When one follows the concept of WWJD, what would Jesus do in ALL situations there is a realization of Buddha consciousness, WWBD. It all fits once you learn to look at the world through the lens of 'inner sight'. It is by all measures an inner journey, a psychological journey. And it will work for anyone who dares venture the hero journey of self knowledge.

Let go Luke, use the Force


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Re: Following My Bliss


I see your town of Mulfesboro is in the huffington post news again. It still seems like a strange place to pick for a super mosque, but I guess you gotta go somewhere. Anyway, happy to see all your hard work is paying off and the extra good news you got. I have been busy learning my new trade, but have never been too busy to drop in on the forum from time to time and keep an eye on my dreams. There was a problem with the replies a few weeks ago, take care and god bless.

Sam [:)]

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