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I was in my grandparents' home, in the long corridor. I was walking fast, in a hurry. a man was following me, he was very close at some point he even touched me. he looked harmless, was carrying luggage I think, but I just had no time for him and felt annoyed so I speeded up the pace , went out down the staird into the garden then turned the corner and up the little path that led back to the entrance of the house. I then realize I was having another teennightmare so I could relax but somehow decided to let the dream run oni actuallan that bit as I wanted to get rid of him. I was about to enter the house by the livingroom door (which is the entrance that my uncle who NOW lives there uses, but I saw a long table full of people sitting round it. What was it? Uncle was holding a gathering, a conference a club meeting? So I went to the normal entrance door and managed to get in from there. Went into the kitchen and found 3 or 4 people there. There were trays of food, obvioulsy those people were having lunch. The food had been prepared by a catering service. Somone said that uncle could not have managed on his own for all those people, and that he'd been smart to ask for a catering service. I was hungry and said so andsaw a bread or was it cake with raisins that looked inviting, but could I eat it, those people in the kitchen, I didn't know thme, I was not free to reach out and cut a slice as I felt I wanted to do. Then I repeated I was hungry and reached out to a piece, but someone said it was made with chestnut flour. I'm allergic to chestnut flour. Ok so I just can't have any. i'll still get a piece for mother and took a little pice, then saw a smaller one and took that one, as it was smaller I fet i was not inttruding too much. There were also some spinach. I reached out to take a leaf but it was hard and raw and thick, didn't tast nasi at all, So much for the spinach stuff. There was roasted meat to but there was none witin reach. So no food. Uncle was in the meeting so I really didn't see him. end of dream.

Well, do you always keep a so clever memory of your dreams ? I find my dreams memory is pretty weak and disappear fast. I really do have to take notes before I leave the bed. How do you do that ?

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Re: Dream

Oh it comes with practice! About 30 years now!

Don't be put off if you only remember little bits of your dreams, write them down all the same, if you really want to listen to them. Get yourself a nice, special notebook for them, keep it on your nighttable with a pen, and see what happens.

You may find in time you also will learn to remember so many details and so much and more of your dreams.

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