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I am walking into a different time dimension...I have done this before. A younger woman is with me, my sister at first but she changes into others during the dream. We are walking around a dry lake bed and enter the place where we go back into time where there is some mud and some difficulty getting our footing. Then we are in the basement of a building and go up some stairs to an indoor market place--stands and open courtyards, lots of people moving around. Now my mother is with me and I tell her if she looks around she will see her younger self. I don’t seem to be interested in looking for my younger self for some reason I am more assisting others. Then we are in an outside area and two men are with me and they are both looking at their younger selves and their younger selves are looking at them but don’t realize who they are looking at. It is time to go back to our current time dimension---we are hungry but don’t have the right kind of money. We go down the stairs but keep getting turned around---there are several entrances and sets of steps and we have forgotten which way we came--not sure who is with me now, my sister at a younger age I think. We go back and forth, up and down but are more and more confused and it is necessary to go back the exact way we came. When we are in the basement there is a workman and I ask him which is the right doorway and he says southeast. This doesn’t help me since I don’t know what southeast is. Then I realize that the steps we used are no longer where I remember and I ask him about it. He says that those steps were taken out a few days ago and the way is blocked. I am surprise because it seems as if we have only been here a few hours and now it seems we have been here several days. We are going to have to stay overnight. We are at a counter outside a hotel and I have two coins I put on the counter but it isn’t enough and another woman from this village adds some money to it and she will share a room with us. I have several coins in my hand, one is a gold coin that says 1930 but it is still 1929 so I can’t use it yet.

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It has been a couple of weeks since I last had a chance to work with dreams. I hope my intuitive mind is still working properly.

A younger woman in space and time. Of course this would be referencing you and your emotional life. The inclusion of your sister may suggest shared experiences, something that could influence experiences with other people throughout your life {these early life experiences may have influenced your personality/psyche and how you interact with others throughout your life}. The dry lake bed may suggest 'emotionless' attitudes, again referencing emotional experiences in early life. Mud is something that needs cleansing to remove and this would be required if there is to be a sound emotional foundation in your life. Basements usually symbolize unconscious forces. Bringing up those experiences to waking consciousness {'going inward'}, you are shopping for answers to reasons for your emotional life in the present time. By 'going inward' you open up to the past experiences which is how you discover the answers {dreams are about self discovery}. There are a lot of experiences to go around and analyze.
I believe this first part of the dream is the 'expose', presenting what the dream is wishing to communicate to your waking self so you can discover the answers you seek. Time travel is going back so you can move forward.

Are you a lot like your mother {perhaps many shared experiences}? Have you neglected your own needs for others {relationships}? Perhaps relationships with the male species are in common. Giving of oneself to a relationship to the extent of neglecting your true self. Your self worth has been influenced by your past and you are hungry for what you do not have or have not received. You may have been blinded by emotions, at times losing your way, influences from earlier life being part of the problem {shared experiences?}. It is a difficult task to climb up from the depths of your past and with each attempt in life to find balance and harmony, confusion reigns.

The steps you need to take are downward/inward, and within your emotional being. You have attempted this before but have forgotten the results {confusion often leads to repeated missteps }. Time and experience are slow to realize such missteps. It will take deeper analyzation to discover the source and truth.

The coins may represent opportunities in your life. Opportunities over a lifetime that have come up short. The one woman represents the past and the other is the present. The first, when understood, leads to a higher awareness of the other. You are one coin short of being whole.

The years 1929 and 1930 may have personal connotations {which would be before you were born} but I sense the numbers are symbolic. Here is how that may work out.

Note: the number 9 and 4 are numbers that represent the path to wholeness. 1930, 1+3=4 which brings about wholeness in this life, the number 9 being the spiritual or true self.

1929 again is about 4 and 9, 4 nines. 1+2=3 of the 9s {192} and when added to another nine you get wholeness and balance represented by 4.

You are one short of being there, the one being within yourself, or self realization.

If we go beyond these numbered years and look to your actual age, it would suggest you were born in 1943. If you do some math you will again see 4s and 9s in your birth year. Co-incidence maybe. The psyche has a way of using numbers to display the power of the universal energies. Your dream is all about your emotional energies. Yet you and I, and everyone else, are a part of the whole so the references to these numbers are not so unusual once you understand the influence of energies upon themselves. Jung's concept of Synchronicity would be related to such events.

This dream does seem to be an 'overview' of influential aspects of early life to relationships later in life. It may take deeper examination to discover the connections but that is what dreams attempt to do. get the dreamer to take a deeper look at them-self so to see what is really there as opposed to what is perceived or neglected.


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Thank you for your thoughts. I have been taking a deeper look at the early relationships with my mother and my sister and realizing that I hold more of my mother's attitudes than I ever realized or wanted to own. My sister is so often the opposite of my views and expressions in many areas, although we hold much in common as well. Your explanation of the numbers 1929 and 1930 was very helpful. I am thinking that the dream-maker is reassuring me that I have "inner gold" and not to get "ahead of myself" as I worry about a future situation, that when it is the right time, it will be available.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 69- Ohio

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} female

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