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Re: Pregnant cow.

This cow is likely symbolic of an emotional aspect in your life that is on the verge of producing new experiences {probably negative}. The cow is you. The pregnancy is something new that is waiting to be born.
The swollen belly may indicate that your are processing your ideas and feelings about this emotional aspect from the unconscious to the conscious level {dreams are a venue for such a transfer}. Being naked may indicate a need to expose these inner emotions so you can process them consciously. Not to do will be like 'pooping' in the bed in which you lay. If and when you do begin to listen to these inner emotions you will be able to rest. This will make you stronger {a masculine aspect-husband}.

What in your emotional life is it you are trying most to process? The dream seems to indicate you have finally taken a step to do what is necessary to get this out and face the emotional 'crap' that will come with it. Only when you finally do face these emotional trials will you be able to rest.


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