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My lover murders me

I have had 3 dreams where I am with my lover and I am covered with blood or laying in blood.

In the first, I am sitting in his lap wearing a white gown. He moves his hand over my abdomen and the gown changes colors like a rainbow and sparkles. I am thinking how he makes me feel so much love, and he says you are bleeding. I look in the mirror and see that I am bleeding. I don't know what happened. I just tell him that he can heal me. In the mirror there is a blonde with long hair watching. I know that she wants him.

In my next dream, he is sitting on top of me with his hands over his head as in a striking position. He says I can't look at your face. I keep telling him he can heal me. He says he didn't do this and jumps out of my bedroom window his clothes covered in blood. I asked him where he is going, and he says, "I have to change my clothes; they will think I did this."

In my third dream, he is standing in my bedroom in a tiger custom. I stand in front of him and look over at the bed. I see myself lying in a puddle of blood. I try to run away, but the window is locked. So, I run downstairs and the blonde is sitting on the couch. There is writing on the wall, and I am jumping to erase it. They seem to be bible versus predicting what is going to happen. I keep saying I will not break my vow. I love him. I will not lose him. The blonde sits on the couch saying she loves him and wants him.

This paragraph is not a dream. That third dream above with the writing on the wall corresponds to a life vow I made not to see a former boy friend. I love my current boy friend in a way I never experienced in any relationship. The way he makes me feel is loved, and I love him. I do, however, see the ex boy friend and out of pity or feeling sorry for him and fear that my to be husband can cause me a black death; I have horrible sex with the ex boyfriend, he pins my legs down and it ends my relationship with my finance.

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Re: My lover murders me

The opening sentence sets the stage for what your dream is wishing to communicate, and help you resolve, and what is likely happening in your current waking life experiences.

The blood that you are laying would be emotional energy. 'Your lover' would most likely be a real person although he could also represent a masculine aspect of your own psyche. In his real person there is something very emotional taking place in the 'relationship' with him. In your psyche there are masculine aspects in play in relationship to this highly emotional experiences. The real person could allude to past and present. They are inter-changeable, both being a part of the 'relationship' that is taking place, a situation that is causing a lot emotional conflict.

Are you an emotional type person? 'You are always bleeding' could refer to you being very emotional type person. The blonde in the mirror is another part of you, one that perhaps needs to 'lighten up' live a little and be less emotional. Your attachment to the 'relationship' may be unhealthy. It may not be good for the 'relationship' {the current relationship}.

The second dreams suggests you are aware of your emotional attitude and you need to change it. It may have even been suggested by your lover {the current relationship}. You need to 'change'. If he has not stated this needed change then you may sense he wants to. It is likely an issue in the 'relationship'.

The thirds dream re-enforces the notion you are aware of your emotional attitude {I see myself lying in a puddle of blood although you may not be fully consciously aware of the harm it does. You know you need to not be this emotional person {the blonde, lighten up}. But you can not easily erase who you are {no one can}. Change takes courage and commitment. Your 'religiosity' toward the 'relationship' is strong, maybe too strong. You love him and want him. But it may take more of being the blonde and less the emotional person you are to keep him.

Your ending statement presents a dilemma on who is the 'lover' in your dream. The '3 way' relationship may be what is causing the emotional conflict. The emotional attitude I alluded to may be toward your ex, a 'relationship' that causes emotional conflict. The blond may be someone who normally would be able to handle such a situation but you are not a blonde. You ma, unconsciously, wish you were so you could handle the situation better emotionally. The 'relationship' I alluded to may be the 3 way relationship. I went back and put an 'emphasis' on 'relationship' since it could be the 3 way relationship that is causing the conflict. The 'relationship' would be addressing all three aspects, your ex, your current bf and the relationship of all three.

Is there a conflict with your current bf over your ex? Or is an emotional conflict within you? Putting it all together it does seem reasonable {the interpretation to be correct must fit within your life} the 3 way relationship is at least a part of the emotional conflict taking place in your life. How it plays out with your current bf is something only you can answer. Either way it is something that needs to be resolved. That is why you dreamed about it.

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Re: My lover murders me

These dreams occurred while in was in a relationship with the lover my boyfriend and soul mate. The ex-boy friend is trying to interfere causing my lover to become jealous and insecure. I do feel guilt and I feel sorry for the ex boyfriend whom I know I don't love.

The blonde appears in many dreams. My relationship with my lover boy friend ended. He showed up with the blonde in my real life, and in a game of laser guest, she shot me repeated in my abdomen.

I am new to all this, but at the time I felt like the ex-boyfriend and the blonde represented some kind of opposition that would come between me and my lover and separate us which did happen.

I did a natal chart and found my lover's sign is my chiron. Maybe that is why I keep telling him he can heal me.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 51

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