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Re: The Slasher

Dreams are very much like movies. They are movies about your emotional life and what is shown are those emotional experiences that are in conflict, unresolved and have an unconscious if not conscious influence in your life. They can be unconsciously controlling. The dream's intent is to bring them up to conscious understanding so the dreamer can see what is there. If that is done there is a process for healing/resolution of the emotional conflicts. To ignore the dream is to ignore those possibilities of healing.

The fact your sister is in the dream may suggest these are shared experiences between the two of you {which would be understandable since you probably grew up together}. But she may also symbolize a shared aspect within yourself, she being another part of you. Both can apply and often do in dreams.

Sitting across from 'her' at the table may suggest opposites which often is another way of acknowledging emotional conflicts. The violent parts, were there such experiences in your early life? Not liking 'these kind' of movies may suggest you have pushed them deeper into the unconscious to an extent of repressing the memories/experiences. Closing your eyes could also be such an acknowledgement while at the same time depicting actual instances of experiences where you had to shut your eyes to the 'violent' experiences was they actually occurred.

The black men likely are symbolic of unconscious 'slashing' within your mind {the violent experiences from early life}. They could be actual experiences and if so you would know {after consciously acknowledging the experiences if repressed}. My sense they are symbolic of a masculine presence related to the violent experiences in your life {experiences related to a man or men}. The black description would refer to unconscious contents and not actual black men. Waking yourself up may allude to repressed aspects.

In the dream your sister stays with the movie. Either this is a reference of her staying with something in both of your lives while you make other choices, and/or a reference to parts of you that stayed with this experiences while the other parts want/need to move away from them {a possibility again to consciously acknowledging repressed contents}.

A desire to stay with the dream would be an unconscious if not conscious desire to confront whatever/whomever is responsible for the emotional conflicts. Constantly rewinding the video suggests going over again and again these 'violent' events.

Ne born puppies are animals that are new to the world and may represent something new to understanding these emotional events. One by one these experiences are being born to you're conscious mind, coming out of the darkness {black men} of the unconscious. But you must feed the repression so not to have to bare the pain of the experiences. This protects the litter which would be the possibility of eventually acknowledging past experiences. If they are indeed repressed emotions then they would need to be brought to light of consciousness, a new birth of acknowledging them. From the dream dialog I do sense a repression of something in your life. What violent experiences are there that may be repressed?

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Re: The Slasher

Thank you for your response. The part about closing my eyes has occurred in other dreams recently and I had overlooked it in this one. I am wondering about repressed memories---what about things that might have happened when one was too young to remember? I also found helpful the idea about "feeding the repression." You are feeding me with helpful ideas as I work with this dream.

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