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Re: Buried ancient statues

Hi Jerry

I think you are right about the creative aspects being present in the illumination of the statues - I feel this relates to the story that is unravelling in my mind. It is a part of my journey and I guess is related to the return of the hero and passing on that message. Let us hope it doesn't turn to ash ;) It is a dream of mine to be a professional writer and not have to go to work everyday. A nice stress free life. That will be my bliss - though I still have a lot of adventures to go through to get there.

Something else that struck a chord with what I was listening to in Joe's lectures is the concept that all the gods are within us, which resonates with what you were discussing regarding the statues being the Greek gods and goddesses. That is something that caught me around the time of the dream, before or after I am not sure which, but I have been pondering the inner reflection of the myths since then, in particular that of Jesus.

Do you remember that series of dreams I had previously regarding the aircraft crash, and the religious artifact? I was reflecting on this in parallel with the story of Jesus, and a dream I had shortly following this. I only remember two parts from this dream, which were having the bow as in the previously mentioned movie Immortals, and then the image of three tall poleaxes planted into the ground, to which I would be tied / crucified beside two criminals. The image of Jesus, but note the cross is disregarded, it is not the important symbol. The importance is in the death, the sacrifice, and I infer the metaphysical rebirth. Relating this to the earlier spiritual dreams, this is the same image as the plane crash. The death of selfishness and birth of selflessness.

I also strongly relate this to the transformation of parenthood - as the importance of you dies, and your focus shifts to the importance of the children and the rest of the family, and their needs. But as all things need to be in balance, it has to be undertaken in context of still recognising your needs for a healthy body, mind and spirit. Finding that balance is a great challenge, especially in this world where social duty demands the *expletive* out of you.

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Re: Buried ancient statues

Two good points you bring up that have associations to each other I want to comment on. The first has to do with the 'inner reflection' related to Jesus. By going 'inward' and thinking about Jesus we realize that it is the feminine aspect that should be accentuated because it is the foundations of our true spiritual beings. Jesus lived from his 'feminine' aspects, god the masculine. Whereas god {of Abraham} could be jealous {there shall be no other gods before me}, vindictive, wrathful, punishing, all masculine tendencies, Jesus was just the opposite. He was caring, loving, giving, nurturing, etc., aspects we associate with the feminine. Yet all the above can be, are a part of who we are as humans. It gets down to choice of how we want to live our lives, understanding that Jesus was the 'light' and the 'way', whereas god {I use lower caps to illustrate my contempt for patriarchy} was all about faith and obedience to one aspect of our being. Yes, Jesus could show signs of masculine attributes, he got angry at the 'money changers' he encountered on the steps of the 'temple'. It would be a natural aspect to do so, we need to get angry at some things in life. But anger, masculine tendencies did not rule his life. And neither should they in a life that is truly spiritual {devoted to 'Mother Earth' and natural life}.

The other point I wish to comment on is transformation {perhaps the most influential book or me from Joseph Campbell was his Transformations of Myth Through Time later renamed Mythos}. Transformations, leaving/dying to one aspect of life and being reborn to another, is a part of natural life. You speak of fatherhood, a true transformation that often is not undertaken as a major responsibility by too many fathers, is an important aspect of life. Not only for the father but more importantly for the child. The childhood years are the most important since it is during this period the psyche is set. Without a father figure {something many like myself, an illustration depicted by Luke Skywalker in seeking his father, endured as children} a child is often 'rudderless' throughout their life, not having that masculine personality to guide them. The father has to leave the years of non-responsible actions and take on responsibilities that are life defining for the child {as is the mother's but in different ways}. Yes, it is important in forming a healthy mind, body and spirit for the father. But more so for the child.

I am going through a major transformations as I write this response. I am retiring from the social responsibilities that have engaged my psyche since I graduated from high school {my oldest grandson just graduated and is enrolled at MTSU here in Murfreesboro}. This period of life is entering the 'twi-light' years, and in my case my best years to come. I no longer will have the responsibilities of a younger man, will not have to slay the social dragons that I encounter on my everyday journey that is all too often devoted to materialism and egocentricity. There will be new challenges no doubt but at this stage of life I will have, and a great expectation is everyone at this stage should have, control over their lives. The major dragons have been slain. I can endulge in my 'bliss', take on a new life devoted to that thing I love most. And by doing that, participating in the 'monomyth that is of the 'hero journey', I am participating in giving of myself to a higher cause. That cause is to share what i have learned from my 20 years of study of Campbell, Jung and all the other wise sages that have enabled me to live a true spiritual life. WWJD/WWBD. As Joe stated it so forcefully, "I don't need faith {God}, I have experience {life}".

With that final statement I come back to the associations of Jesus and transformations. Throughout my childhood and most of my adulthood I was made to believe that Jesus dying on the cross was a symbol of faith. A literal act that through time made less sense because of the natural/scientific world we live. Then from guidance from Campbell I discovered Elaine Pagels and discovered the true meaning of the death and resurrection of Christ. It is what must happen to a person so he/she will truly live a spiritual life. It is a transformation, not unlike the many deaths and rebirths we all experience {many never realize they are doing so} in life. But most of all it is a death and resurrection to the egocentric self and a resurrection to the Self. What a relief it has been to know that every natural action as a man is not a sin but an experience of our human existence. And to live life from the 'center' and not from an unbalanced view of nature. A transformation of consciousness that in our unconscious lives exists every moment we live. And is presented in natural form in our nightly dreams.

The gods and goddesses are within us. Bringing them out and giving them true expression is the task to be undertaken. You and I are participating in such an experience that our lives have been transformed. With that transformation comes new knowledge, 'hidden knowledge' that has been there all the while. It merely requires a refocus of our psyche to experience what is truth and what is not. Be a good father and the god within you will be a proper guide for your children. And they will undoubtedly live a more prosperous life because they have the proper guidance and nurturing they 'naturally ' require. Luke discovered his father, and his shadow, and became a hero in his own life.

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