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Re: Dream full of mixed feelings

At your age it is likely your libido has a lot to do with these dreams. Add to it you have had feelings/desires for both women and it would not be unusual for this unconscious love making.

But there may be more to the dream than just the libido factor. It may have as much to do about the psychological completion and the integration of contrasting aspects of the Self. We all have masculine and feminine aspects. Dreaming of a woman or women in some form usually relates to a man's feminine aspects. These aspects having little to do with sexual orientation {unless you are gay} than they are about the aspects we normally think of as being possessed by women. Intuition is one that comes to mind as a psychic feminine trait. I, as a male, possess a well developed intuitive mind which helps me in my working with dreams {and dealing with other people}. Love itself can be thought of as a feminine aspect since we think of women as being more prone to have such emotions more than men. A caring attitude, or giving of oneself, being the homemaker, these are feminine traits that many men possess, often beyond what is thought of as being a possession of a masculine male.

The dream's primary purpose may be about integrating your feminine aspects and less about the actual act of making love {dreams always address at least two aspects of a motif-making love to a woman being your dream motif}. One is the primary aspect the dream is attempting to communicate and the other a lesser aspect. If your dream is about integrating your feminine aspects then it may be about bringing together those attitudes of accepting yourself as a caring, loving, giving person. I have had dreams about feminine aspects that addressed my intuitive self with the dreams depicting woman as a focus of the dream. I know this because at the time of the dreams I had such experiences with intuitive functions {usually associated with my dream work} at the time I had the dreams. My dreams were reflecting conflicts in my waking life with the function of helping me realize or resolve the problems. Your dreams will be a reflection of your waking self, either as they are in real waking experiences or as they should be. If you need to incorporate these feminine aspects in your waking life then your dreams will reflect that need. A primary function of dreams is to help resolve emotional conflicts. Another , which is associated with those conflicts, is to show your true self. The true self is who you really are or should be and seldom the person you or others perceive you as being.

The anima aspects may be secondary and the libido may be the primary. Which reflects your waking life most, at the time you had the dream? It could be both, each needing a resolution to the conflicts that possess. At the age of 20, and because you do/did have 'feelings; for both women, the dream may be more 'Freudian' than 'Jungian'.

Such is the way of dreams. A lot more to them than most would think, and understand.


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Re: Dream full of mixed feelings

Thank you for that great answer. Some of the things in your reply made a lot of sense to me so thank you very much.
You said it sounded Freudian so I read up on that at this link (http://www.tnnweb.com/mds/freud.html) and found the information on it quite intriguing also.

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