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Re: Father's suit

Did your father die when you were five or five years ago? The time frame would be important in understanding just how to apply the symbols.

I sense the dream is addressing associations to your father. The suit belongs to him and you are searching aspects of that relationship. The relationship was comfortable overall but there are aspects that make you sweat. The cell phone may be addressing an unconscious communication involving the relationship. What 'values' are involved in the relationship {coins}? You need to 'pen' those emotions so to understand any conflicts involved. It would require 'work' on your part to sort through those emotions. There is a 'wall' that the' suit' is hanging on.

Music is the harmony needed in life for wholeness. But there are unconscious contents within the brain {the brain is the greatest computer there is} that need your attention. There may be disturbing aspects but finding the harmony is what you need.

There are related aspects other than the one part of the relationship. The top floor may represent the mind. The diskette contains information involving the relationship. Waking up suddenly may suggest there is something you do not wish to hear/see or you are not ready for.

A good possibility the dream is addressing the relationship with your father {if he died when you were five it may be about a non-relationship because of his passing when you were so young}. But I also sense the 'work' aspect is involved. Working at the same place your father worked. Can you think of anything recently that is related to that shared experience?

Mythology contain patterns of behavior. Often the inclusion of a mythological figure is used to address actual experiences in the dreamer's life. Myth and dreams share the same symbols and metaphors.

Parsifal or Percival means 'piercing the valley' {Joseph Campbell}. Examining that we can see:

In Wolfram von Eschenbach's Percival epic, the Arthurian hero got the name Percival because he was born very shortly after the news of his father's death reached his mother, who felt like the pain caused by sorrow was piercing right through her. Thus the name Percival, "to pierce the valley".

You specifically wrote,
"Parsifal's childhood memories of his mother are awakened by mysterious evil women kiss."

Perhaps there in lies the relationship to Percival. Examine that and see what comes up.


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