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Re: The Crime in an Underground Tunnel

hi Jerry.
I posted a reply last week but for some reason it never showed up. I wanted to thank you for your thoughts on this dream---I had not thought of the agreement being between the unconscious and conscious---and the phone being both something capable of exploding or shouting. Whatever I am repressing, if anything, it is still locked in the cement but I trust if I remain open to working with whatever comes up that things will become clearer. I have had several dreams about melting ice, swimming under snow, so hopefully what is frozen is melting. I have had some dreams in which I am fearful or worried about the extreme cold. Pat

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Re: The Crime in an Underground Tunnel

Just how meaningful these 'frozen emotions' are could be relevant to your personality. From what you state about other dreams the unfreezing of emotional contents are real. Just how deep they go depends on actual experiences in your life. There may indeed be serious emotional conflicts that have been so repressed they have yet to surface. But at your age that would be usual. Usual at least for someone who has taken an introspective approach to trying to understand such emotions. The 'repression' may suggest what ever it is that is in conflict are from more recent experiences, not formed from childhood as is usual with deeply repressed emotions, but from later experiences in life. Or it could be not so serious as those type of emotional conflicts. A personality that tends to be influenced by minor issues in waking life would be more prone to have hidden issues that become conflictive. Our dreams work toward resolving whatever it is that is in emotional conflict, whether it be deep emotional wounds or the lesser 'injuries' that the personality takes serious. A 'strong' personality may not consider minor injuries as relevant but a 'weaker' personality could. I would suggest you pay attention to future dreams and see where they lead. You are always welcome to post those dreams for interpretation.

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