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strange dreams

I have dreams about an old friend that will not talk to me anymore,in my dreams he acts like my best friend. In my last dream he gave me a note in it he said he loved me and always have, he was wearing a white shirt. In real life when I see him aroud town or when he passes me by on his bike he looks but doesnt aknowledge me, once I saw him reading a paper out side my work at a book store,or parked in his car in a parking lot he acts like he can't talk to me I saw him at a gas station once he spilt ice all over the back of his car and ground I know he knew I was there cause just kept actin like he was cleaning out his tiny coller the wholetime I pumped gas, I don't know what his problem is, but once I had a woman come up to me and say your just like me I didnt know what she ment but then she said your a dream walker you have shared dreams. Have you ever herd of this?. It sounds strange me and the lady seemed a bit off tellin me to get gem stones and about a wizard at a college she knew and that I need to talk to this psychic at some baptist church which I did not do, she also gave me a drink that made me very ill the next day, I'm more carful about that kinda stuff now. but I do remember when I was lil me and my cousin had a very similer dream when she stayed over one night. I havent been able to find much of any thing about a dream walker on the net and im not sure what to think about my dreams so interpret away, thanks

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Re: strange dreams

The first question to be answered is 'do you have an old friend, who is male, that you do not communicate with any more? Someone who refuses to talk to you?

If not, and I sense the major focus on the dream is not about such a person {even if he exists} then the dream would be focusing on your masculine aspects. Some part of your masculine self is not communicating with you. That means you are not or can not use vital masculine traits to support you in your emotional life. My sense you have a lot of emotional issues you can not 'cleanse' yourself of because of a weak masculine personality. You are 'pumping the gas', pumping the emotions, while your masculine self is trying to get you to clean out the emotional stuff that is in conflict.

We all possess both masculine and feminine aspects and both are vital in living a balanced life. If one is not working properly it can cause an emotional imbalance {dreams are about your emotions}. Dreams try to help resolve the emotional conflicts. To help you better understand how dreams work I suggest you read my page A Simple Guide to Dreams.

As for the dream walker. That could be a reference to you, you are walking in your dreams trying to find answers to your emotional conflicts. Your dreams are about you and your relationships and experiences. Or it could be you are 'dreaming' too much about unrealistic things. The idea of consulting a psychic could suggest unrealistic expectations {most psychics are frauds, trying to take your money}.

As for the dream when you were a little girl, and the fact you brought it up {something must have clicked in about the two experiences}. We all are who we are as adults primarily because of the life we lived when we were children. Those early life experiences, the memorial experiences {they may not still be conscious but remain in the unconscious} go with you all your life. If there were traumatic or 'memorial' experiences those likely have an impact on who you become later in life. What that has to do with this dream could take hours of psychological examination.

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