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Re: underworld

I apologize for taking so long to interpret your dream. I am in the last weeks of finalizing my obligations as a member of the socially responsible and making my move to another location to live in retirement.

As for your dream. This is what I get from the first paragraph.
The funeral in your dream may indicate something has ended in your life. Being an uncle may suggest it has something to do with certain aspects of your personality or personal life. It could be related to personal experiences with your uncle. A lot of unrealized emotions have emerged over this experience. There is a good possibility it is associated with something you experienced and now you are seeing it end. You may be giving into the emotions of the experience rather than following good instincts and being objective about it. The experience{s} may be causing you to act reckless which is only leading to deeper difficulties. You try not to give in to the emotions only to find yourself submerged deeper into them. You can only help yourself in the matter, something you know but can not do.

The second paragraph {let me state how important it is to break a dream down into proper sentence and paragraph structure} seems to be focusing on other and possible deeper aspects o the emotional conflict. My sense it is going back to your early life as a child. But it could have to do with your father and his two siblings {3 attempts in the dream by the unknown woman}. But your dreams are about your life experiences and the roots of the tree are your roots and the cave is your unconscious. This is what the second paragraph is addressing, your underworld or deep unconscious. The kid getting water {water usually symbolize unconscious emotional energies} all over what you, or the dream, is trying to spell out. This makes me believe the dream is in part about your life and childhood experiences. Better yet this may be addressing influences from childhood that you share with your uncle. It goes to the roots of your personality {like father like son}, unconscious stimuli that influences your adult life.

I sense the numbers 6-8 have something to do with early life experiences at that age. Was there anything significant during those early years of your life you can remember? Are there associations with your family that may fit into the equation? How many siblings do you have {brothers and sisters?}. My sense is the dream is addressing current traits and/or experiences you have that relate to past experiences in early life. What did you have in common with your uncle? Were there early life experiences involving him that come to mind? The death of your uncle may be your unconscious trying to reconcile, and thus end, emotional conflicts 'related' to either past experiences are perhaps your actual uncle. It may involve experiences with your father, starting in childhood and related to his advanced age. In fact the whole matter may be 'related' to him and what the dream is attempting to do is reconcile your emotions about him. Again look to the years between 6 and 8 and see what may have happened then. Were your parents 'there' when you needed them, a question to their parenting skills?


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Re: underworld

I have been thinking about your interpretation all day but am still having trouble making the connections work in my life. I have also been thinking A LOT and meditating about the dream as it happened and have a feeling it is more about me being in a position to help seeing as I have a close but different perspective. I only met my uncle for the first time a few years ago at the other uncle's (which I never knew) funeral. In the dream I couldn't recall his name only that it started with the same letter (C) of my own brother that died when I was young (12) and that was the only name in my mind. There was not a single person otherwise in the whole dream that I have ever met or known. I do see the possibility of my father's emotions being avoided. I see a lot of avoidance surrounding my parents but have confronted my own situations in recent years. I see also that someone else could be blotting out the significance of his own emotions with theirs. The very last part with the 3 boys gives me chills still just thinking about it - and the possibility that the last and oldest one could have been lost forever/dead, never making it through the underworld. One other connection - my father is 86. Thank you, I really appreciate your help in this.

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