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My dream

So, as the dream started, I was in a yard of a large house, with a huge fence going through it. There was a girl is rags working the yard. She was my age, with red hair and freckles. I was talking to an old man, and he told me that they were at war with the french. I knew that I was on the Roman side and the other side was the French. Then it was night and only he yard girl and me were still outside. We were talking, when we kissed. Then I was looking through a metallic underground place looking for her. This was the french living quarters, and everyone was asleep, my grandmother was there.

Please interpret!

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 16, Indiana

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Re: My dream

Dreams speak in a language of symbol and metaphor. The house symbol is a metaphor for you. You are the house. Your house has a yard. Yards are the outer parts of the house so the dream is probably speaking about some outer recent experience in your life. The girl could be a symbol for your own feminine side but it may be a mixture of those inherent aspects along with actual female experiences in your waking life. The first seems to apply as the primary focus of the dream and the later an experience that may have prompted the dream.

The red hair could have several meanings. One could be lust or passion which may suggest something that is unfulfilled in your life. Another anger which would suggest anger at yourself or the conditions in which you are in {rages}. The freckles may represent 'hiding some displeasing aspects you possess'. Because 'she' is in rags there is probably an element of inefficiency' about the experience/emotions the dream is trying to convey.

The old man may be a wisdom aspect. Everyone has a wiser self, it is a matter of using it {being less emotional and more objective}. There is a war going on and this war is within you. An emotional war. The French are known to be 'great lovers' {make love not war}. On the other hand Romans were known to be conquerors {have you had a recent class involving one or the other, French and/or Roman history?}. Night is often symbolic of unconscious contents. In this instance I also see the night symbol as negative force. There are negative aspects about the relationship with the 'girl' at work. Someting you wish to remedy or change {kissing the girl}. You are having an unconscious conversation with yourself about this 'emotional issue'.

Metallic is a very hard element so this issue is a very important aspect for you. It is playing on your unconscious as much if not more than your conscious self. Such unconscious forces tend to make you do things consciously you are not aware of, like being overly emotional. If so it is a feminine aspect in the dream represented by the girl, your own feminine self. You are in the part of the house where the French reside. Remember the French are great lovers.

Grandmothers are old wise women. Are you close to your grandmother or have a lot of respect for her?

Because of your age I think the dream has a pretty much simple interpretation. At 16 there are two things most important in life. One is getting your first car. The other is finding your first love {girlfriend}. It is typical to have strong emotions about the later, both biologically and psychologically. The hormones are in play. So is the are the emotions. Emotionally you are at war with yourself over 'girls'. Although you must play the role of the masculine Roman your heart belongs on the French side {french kissing}. The metallic reference demonstrates just how strong these emotions can be. It is a natural phenomena, all men experience it. The question is do you let the emotions override your wisdom self or do you look at it objectively? The dream is trying to inform you not only of the emotional aspect of what is happening but also a course to take in working through it. The dream is trying to help you realize just how emotional you can be when it comes to the opposite sex {or in a gay person's life the same sex}.

Because you did post your dream for an interpretation I get the impression you are a level minded person who only requires a little guidance. This is a phase in your life and although there is a war of emotions there are two wise people in the dream, one male and one female. Do you let the emotions rule or do you behave in a more mature manner. Be objective. That is how the old man would see it. This is an emotional war that needs to be looked at in an objective manner.

This comes from experience of not only having 'been there done that' myself but also having raised a son as well as a grandson {who is now 18}. Girls, they can drive you crazy.


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